I’m a huge fan of babywearing, it was essential with Toby and something we both got comfort from. When I first announced my pregnancy with Martha, We Made Me got in touch to tell me about their range of slings and carriers so now that Martha is here, I’m excited to introduce both her and the We Made Me brand to you, by way of a little interview!

Hi Martha! How are you finding life on the outside?

“I like having loads of cuddles, being put down isn’t really much fun so as long as I’m being held by Mummy and Daddy a lot, I’m happy!”

Do you let Mummy and Daddy sleep between snuggles then?

“I try to, but sometimes I wake up and just want to be really close to them again, so I normally sleep better when I’m next to Mummy in bed. She does get to have some sleep though.”

What are you looking forward to over the summer?

“I’m excited to get to know Mummy, Daddy and Toby better and treating them to lots of smiles and giggles.

Mummy and Daddy have talked about us going out for walks, boat trips and days out and they say the We Made Me slings and carriers will keep me safe and comfortable when we go out. I’ve been getting used to being in the Wuti Wrap so am looking forward to getting out more in that.”


What are your favourite things so far?

“I like Mummy’s milk, sleeping, cuddles and looking at the beams on the ceiling. I’ve enjoyed going out for walks and when I sneeze it makes Toby laugh which is helping to teach me how to smile and laugh too!”

What has Mummy told you about We Made Me?

“She’s told me that she has three different products that we’ll be trying – the Wuti Wrap, Pao Papoose and Soohu Sling. The Wuti Wrap and Soohu Sling can be used from birth, so we’ve started trying those out and once I’m a bit bigger I’ll test drive the Pao Papoose too.


Mummy said that We Made Me is a lovely brand and that the products are really well made. She is also planning some fun craft activities with Toby using the cool cylinder boxes that the carriers come in!”

Martha and I are really excited to be in the We Made Me family and I’m looking forward to telling you more about each product as we use them.

Do you find babywearing useful and enjoyable? Have you tried any of the We Made Me products? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.