It’s absolutely rotten to see your little one struggling when they have a cold; sleeping often goes out the window and feeding can be really tricky thanks to their tiny little nostrils being blocked up. Snufflebabe – the UK’s no. 1 baby nasal decongestant range – knows that colds are no fun for anyone, so their 5 effective solutions are here to help your little one sleep, feed, and breathe in comfort.

Snufflebabe asked me to share my top tips for sleeping and feeding when your baby has a cold, to hopefully help you and your little ones this cold and flu season.

Elevate their cot slightly

This has worked really well for both of my babies, and all you need to do is raise the head end of the cot ever so slightly, using either books under the feet or frame of the cot, or a towel underneath the mattress.

Use Snufflebabe vapour oil

From newborn up, you can put a few drops of vapour oil either into a bowel of warm water, or on to a damp towel placed over the radiator. This will create a lovely, safe, soothing effect in your baby’s room. The Snufflebabe vapour rub is also a great chest rub for babies aged 3 months and older.
Don’t add extra blankets. It is absolutely crucial that you still follow safe sleep guidelines, so don’t be tempted to add extra blankets or layers because this can be really dangerous.

Change your feeding position

Whether your baby is breast, bottle, or combination fed, it can really help to adjust the feeding position a little and again raise their head slightly to help their airways.

Feed them little and often

Your baby will probably struggle with feeds, so the chances are that they will take smaller amounts, and feed more frequently.

Top tips for sleeping and feeding when your baby has a cold

Use the Snufflebabe saline drops or spray, and a nasal aspirator

Saline drops help to loosen the mucus, and the nasal aspirator will enable you to remove the mucus from baby’s nose when they’re too young to blow their nose.

Make yourself comfortable

You may be on the sofa for a while, so get yourself some water, snacks, your phone, the TV remote, and a book!

Use a sling or carrier

When you do manage to get up and about, a sling or carrier can really help to keep baby comfortable and elevated.

Tired Pops just wants to be close to Mama at all times!

Get medical advice

If your baby is under 3 months’ old, or you are in any way concerned, then please see your GP as soon as possible for medical advice.

I hope that these simple tips will help you and your baby through their cold, and that your little one is feeling better soon. Please do let me know what your top tips are for helping baby through a cold; leave me a comment below, or come and say hi on Facebook or Twitter.

** This is a sponsored collaboration with Snufflebabe, words and opinions are my own**