Toby turned 2 months old and 9 weeks old last week, so I’ll admit to being a little behind with my update, however we have had a bit of a challenging time so that’s my excuse! Since Toby’s One Month and Six Week updates, things seem to have changed quite a lot so this may be a longer post than those were!


Toby is still breastfed most of the time, however we have reintroduced a bottle at bedtime in order for me to have a bit of time to clean the house or put my feet up. I wrote at 6 weeks about how a change of breastfeeding position seemed to have helped with Toby coming off the latch and screaming, however it turned out that positioning wasn’t actually the culprit to his apparent discomfort – silent reflux was and still is, but I’ll go into more detail about that in the health section. What it’s meant for feeding is that Toby needs to be kept upright for at least 20 minutes after feeds and his feeds need to be small and regular. Even so, he does often still unlatch and cry and I now know that to be caused by the acid in his tummy coming back up. He’ll now have about 3oz in the bedtime bottle and we’re also trying to introduce a bottle during the night so that my husband can help because the days are so challenging for me. It’s been a bit hit and miss so far, but we’re only a few days in so time will tell! Any hints about introducing bottles and combi feeding would be appreciated!


I could copy and paste Toby’s sleeping pattern from every other update! Down at 9ish, up at midnight ish, down again until 4ish then fussy until 6ish. Lots of ish’s! The difference now is that Toby’s crib is elevated to an angle at the top end in order to try and keep the acid from travelling back up from his tummy. This does seem to have helped and he will settle really well in his crib wearing a sleepsuit and a grobag. I’ve also rolled up a blanket and wedged it into a horseshoe shape under his bottom and up his sides so that he doesn’t slip down during the night with his crib being elevated.


The last couple of weeks, according to the Wonder Weeks app, have been Toby’s second developmental leap. I’d say I agree because he has been terribly grizzly (understatement alert!) but has started suddenly showing an interest in toys and gaining enjoyment from them. He will follow a rattle with his eyes and seems to love music in an interactive way by turning his head towards wherever it is coming from. He’s also tried reaching out to grasp objects and smiles and giggles at his favourite objects.

Toby’s smiles had disappeared at the peak of his reflux before the medicine was prescribed, but I’m very happy to say that they are back, albeit only between crying, feeding and sleeping! Toby is a very serious little boy and he isn’t laid-back even taking away the reflux. This can be challenging because he seems to constantly need sensory input and stimulation, which in Toby’s world means lots of bouncing, walking around and new things to look at. That said, when he is fulfilled by milk or information, he has a lovely, beaming smile and he has also started giggling which is absolutely adorable.


In a little over three weeks, Toby has gone from 10lb 13oz to 12lb 9oz by our rudimentary weighing system (weigh self, weigh self carrying Toby and find the difference) He continues to pile on the ounces and boy can you tell when you’ve been carrying him for a while!

As I’ve mentioned, he has silent reflux which was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago after being missed by the GP and Health Visitor, both of whom were told about his being very unsettled, seeming in pain and pulling away during feeds. Anyway, I noticed that Toby would sound like he was going to be very sick, then as I got muslins at the ready he would swallow and nothing would come out. This is where the ‘silent’ part of it comes in because he is not actually being sick. Trust me, it is not called so because the baby is silent, far from it! After swallowing and therefore the acid having travelled all the way up from his tummy to his throat and back down again, Toby will scream out and it is clear that he’s in pain. I did some research and he ticked every single symptom of silent reflux, including the smelly acid breath (sorry sweetheart if you’re reading this in years to come!) so I called the Health Visitor, who agreed with me and said to call the GP. The GP prescribed Infant Gaviscon and within the first 24 hours it was clear that it was making matters much worse. We kept Toby on it for 4 days in the hope that things would improve, but instead our poor little boy would be screaming in pain for almost every waking hour. He was also straining because the Gaviscon made him constipated and when, after 4 days, Toby managed to open his bowels, it was solid enough to be tipped whole into the toilet. This is the opposite of the poo of a breastfed newborn!

Back at the GP surgery, a wonderful doctor prescribed a 4mg dose of Losec/Omeprazole per day to be given to Toby via a syringe on an empty stomach each morning. I won’t say it’s a miracle cure, but Toby’s symptoms have appeared to have eased in the week and a half he’s been on it. He can now open his bowels regularly again, I don’t hear the acid coming up and down as frequently and he is definitely having more calm times during the day. The dosage can be increased as Toby puts on weight, as and when required if his symptoms reappear.

Reflux aside, Toby seems otherwise healthy thankfully! He had a very minor cold which only caused some slightly snuffled breathing overnight for two nights and didn’t require any intervention so I’m very grateful for that! Where the reflux is concerned, I’ve kind of summarised it here and I will write more thorough posts about it as we go along with his treatment.

What We’re Loving

  • Rattles, especially a rattle ball which Toby can grab and hold himself
  • Beebies Baby Store purchases of a ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ babygro and the car print one in the picture above
  • Babywearing. As always, our sling is like an instant Toby-calmer and really has been a saviour lately
  • Cloth nappies, as I’ve written about here. I can see me getting a little addicted to the gorgeous colours and prints!

Mummy News

I turn 28 on Thursday and it’s mine and Phil’s first wedding anniversary on Sunday, so we’re really looking forward to a lovely meal to celebrate those. I’m pretty much back at my pre-pregnancy weight now with just a little flub to shift. I had been doing a 30 day exercise workout called the 30 Day Shred, along with Nicola from Life Through My Eyes and Rachel from The Melton House, however due to how much of my time is spent trying to calm Toby down, I only managed a few days before having to accept defeat until things have settled down a bit.

I want to say a huge thank you to the very many bloggers who have been a wonderful support this last few weeks. I’ve found it very hard to cope with Toby’s almost constant crying, on top of feeding on demand and trying to do simple things like get out of the house or wash the dishes. I’ve been very emotional myself and talking to parents who have been through the same issues has helped so much. My husband has been amazing, taking Toby for walks every evening and at the weekend so that I can have a bit of a break, as well as helping with feeds.

I think that’s about it for now, if you have any comments about reflux, combi feeding or anything else at all, please pop them below or send me a tweet (@BuddingSmiles) and I look forward to hearing from you.

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