Three months old! Three! How the heck has this happened when he was surely only born yesterday?! As you can see, the fact that Toby is now three months old is all a bit much, it’s going by too fast! In all seriousness, Toby’s first and second months brought with them a lot of challenges and learning curves, as they will with any new baby. We had a bit of extra ‘blips’ thrown in there in the form of silent reflux and the physical and emotional strains of that, so I won’t go into loads of details about that because I’ve already written about it.


I couple of weeks ago I came to the begrudging acceptance that I was struggling to breastfeed Toby, simply because A) He was feeding so frequently due to pulling away all the time when the acid hurt and B)His constant crying was leaving me an emotional wreck and breastfeeding meant I couldn’t accept help from anyone. This decision coincided with me being sent some products from Lansinoh, including a medium flow bottle. What a revelation! We’d been using Avent Classics for Toby’s bedtime feed and they just were not working! The Lansinoh ones have worked brilliantly though and Toby feeds perfectly from them. We wake up at 6-6.30 and Toby has a breastfeed, he then has his medicine at about 8.30-9ish depending on his nap time and the water from that seems to take Toby through until half 10-11 when he has a bottle. This has increased from 3 to 4 to 5oz within the last couple of weeks as Toby has gotten used to taking full meals. He then has another 4 or 5oz at 1pm and 4pm, 5oz at bedtime then another 3 or 4oz at night. I’ll top him up with breastfeeds throughout the day and night as and when he needs it and thankfully, this seems to be working really well.


Toby’s sleep pattern has changed a little since moving on to bottles. He has a bath at 7pm followed by nursery rhymes and his bottle in the bedroom with the lights off. He’s normally asleep by half 7, but sometimes if he hasn’t had the whole bottle he wakes up for a final few sips at 8pm and that’s normally it. Toby will often half wake up at 11pm and sometimes he’ll want another 3oz, sometimes just a little breastfeed to ease him back to sleep. He was then having another bottle at 2am, but he’s dropped this one recently and now sleeps until around 4am then 6am. Toby will have a nap downstairs until about 8:30am and he sleeps when he wants throughout the day because try as we might, our inquisitive little boy absolutely will not nap for longer than 20-30 minutes at a time in the day! This was a huge issue when he was screaming so much, but now it’s fine and we love the amount of time we spend playing and interacting.


Toby’s just come through his third Wonder Weeks development leap and, yet again, the app was spot on with when the leap would start and Toby was a little bag of grizzles! However, he has come on massively and his general demeanour is wonderful now. Our little man is still serious when he’s analysing his environment, but now he spends so much time laughing, smiling and blowing raspberries and after a tough start, it melts my heart to see him so happy.

Toby isn’t rolling over yet, but I think that is due to me not putting him on his back much in order to try and help the reflux. He is now able to lay down on his playmat but he doesn’t seem bothered about rolling! What Toby can do exceptionally well is lift his head, look around and sit up. He’s not quite sitting independently, but the only support he needs is to hold my finger in his hands and he can sit up beautifully… Who needs rolling?! I can also stand him up and hold his waist and he stands perfectly flat-footed for a good couple of minutes Toby can confidently pick things up now and is deveoping firm favourites from his toy selection. He also likes to pick my hand up and shove it in his mouth to chomp on when I’m eating (early weaning anyone!)


I just weighed Toby and from 12lb 9oz 3 weeks ago, he’s now 13lb 7oz, go Tobes! He’s still on 4mg every morning of Omeprazole for the reflux and the doctor has also put him on Dentinox for colic, although I’m aware that colic meds are a bit hit and miss. Phil and I obviously don’t want our baby boy on medication, but it’s better than the agony and distress he had been in and it’ll be reassessed when he weans. He’s now had his first 2 sets of jabs and aside from screaming the place down as they were done, we didn’t see any side effects from them and Toby didn’t even have any Calpol.

What We’re Loving

  • Being Beebies Baby Store Ambassadors! We’re thrilled to be working with one of our favourite companies
  • Our first family holiday where Toby adored being surrounded by trees
  • Little Jellycat toy (Horse? Zebra?) Toby loves it, as you can see in the pictures
  • Photos from our family photo shoot, which I’ll be posting soon. The header picture is one of them, I love it!

Mummy News

I feel much better emotionally now. I never felt like I was heading towards PND which I’m very grateful for, but I was finding things really tough whereas now that Phil and others can help look after Toby more, and now Toby’s more settled, I feel much stronger and happier. I still haven’t started exercising again so I’m not happy with my tummy, but I’m going out for a run this weekend and I can’t wait! Just got to hope it doesn’t rain too much.

How has your month been? Do you know whether Toby’s toy is a horse or a zebra? (And where to buy a second one for rotation purposes!) I love reading your comments so please pop them below or send me a tweet (@BuddingSmiles) and I look forward to hearing from you.

**I was sent the Lansinoh bottle as part of a tester panel, not to review. All opinions are my own**

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