Ordinarily, I’ll be sticking to monthly Toby updates, but six weeks brings along a lot of changes and so I feel is worthy of a post of its own. You’ll know from my one month update that Toby was starting to form his own ‘routine’, although I place the word in inverted commas because it is in no way guaranteed! The 5-6 week time has been tough, I won’t lie, but that’s precisely why I felt it needed speaking about more specifically than in a two month round-up.


Toby is still breastfed and still cluster feeds during the day and has feeds at intervals during the night. As I have mentioned previously, I was expressing about 4oz daily, which Toby was having in a bottle as his last night feed. By week five, however, he was refusing to have even 1oz of it, spitting the bottle out, screaming, spitting the milk out. It was quite distressing for Phil, who had been having great success taking charge of the bed time routine, for Toby to suddenly not only reject the bottle, but also scream uncontrollably for what could be a couple of hours before he became exhausted. What also didn’t help at this time was that Toby had been doing the same when latched on my breast, so suddenly I didn’t have that magical power to soothe him, which left both Phil and I feeling pretty useless and upset.

When Toby was 5 weeks and 5 days old, I’d spent all day trying to feed him because he was rooting, only for him to spit the milk out and start to cry. Winding, cuddling, bouncing, walking around… Nothing helped and I reached my limit, handing him to Phil and calling the Health Visitor to leave a very teary message with them. It was a Sunday evening so I knew I wouldn’t be able to speak to anyone, but felt better for knowing they’d hear that I was struggling and call back. The next morning I had a call back and was given an appointment for that Wednesday. By then, Toby was 6 weeks and 1 day old and the Health Visitor watched me feeding him and made a casual comment which solved everything – Toby is rather bigger than when, at about 3 weeks old, I had received support from my local Breastfeeding Support Group to get a good latch. So what? Well, the way I’d been holding him to feed worked when he was tiny, but now meant that his little legs were dangling around in space, not comfortable and not great for digestion. Hurrah! She showed me some alternative positions and we’re back with breastfeeding success!

Toby has, in the last few days, also taken the bottle during the day when I’ve needed to leave him with someone. This is great and Phil and I are fine right now for me to do all of the regular feeds and Toby just have a bottle when I can’t be with him.


Toby’s nights are still roughly the same, he’ll fall asleep somewhere between 9 and 11pm, waking 3 hours later for a good feed, then going back down until about 4am. It’s at this time that he tends to become a bit fussy and doesn’t want to go back down for more than half an hour to an hour. Generally, come about 5am, I bring him into bed and he then sleeps really well for a couple more hours. He lets us know when he’s ready to get up, wriggling and looking around the room wide-eyed. On the weekends, this is when he’ll spend time with Daddy so that I can get an extra hour or two of shut eye.

Toby doesn’t really nap in the day, he seems to have 10-15 minute snoozes then wakes up raring to go again! This doesn’t give me much chance to get housework done or rest, but I love watching my son soaking in the world around him and all the information it contains.


Following on from my last sentence really, since his big development and growth spurt of 5-6 weeks, Toby is so alert, so interested in everything. This can lead to him being quite demanding because he seems to get bored in one place and we are constantly needing to move him around to give him something new to look at. It’s not a bad thing though, we both love how alert he is and seeing the wonder in his eyes as he spots something he likes the look of is wonderful. He’s not too fussed about toys just yet, but does like the dangling owl that is now on his car seat and he follows the noise of rattles.

We’re also getting regular smiles now, mostly in the morning. He has a beautiful smile (I’m not biased, not one bit!) and every single one melts my heart. The overwhelming love I have for Toby is incredible, I’m besotted with him!


Toby and I had our six week check with the doctor the other day, I’m proud to announce we both passed with flying colours! The doctor was lovely and she thought Toby was brilliant. She was really happy with how strong our little man is, he holds his head up and looks around unaided and has started trying to roll over. We think he has a touch of oral thrush, which may explain some of his crying and unlatching too, so we’re going to start a course of treatment for both of us, because we may be passing it back and forth to one another during feeds.

Our chunky monkey is now 10lb 13oz, from a birth weight of 7lb 9oz. Im so, so proud of this and it’s huge incentive to keep breastfeeding because he’s clearly getting what he needs.

In Mummy news, I’ve also been cleared to exercise, so I’m looking forward to buying a new sports bra (I love that I need a bigger one!) and getting my running shoes back on. I’m only 3kg above my pre-pregnancy weight and I can fit into my regular clothes, but I want to get those muscles a little firmer and lose the slight muffin top that has developed. I’m not worried about it though, it’ll happen and I won’t be making exercise the focus of my life, I enjoy Toby far too much.