Oh my goodness, my baby boy is a month old! I have to admit, as the clock struck 11:58, I had a lump in my throat thinking back to that exact time 31 days ago when Toby made his way into the world. In my onetwo and three week updates, I wrote about Toby, Phil and myself but I will now be focusing entirely on Toby and how he’s changing and progressing as the weeks go by.


After some initial hurdles with breastfeeding, Toby is now an expert! He latches perfectly nine out of ten times and takes really good feeds. I express around 4oz per day, which is then Toby’s last feed before bed, or sometimes his middle of the night feed depending on when he wants to wake for it! He’s also been cluster feeding throughout the day a lot, mostly in the mornings and evenings. I guess that’s all due to the amount of growing he’s doing, so it’s all good.


Phil was giving Toby his bottle at about 11pm, but his self-decided routine has changed a little and he’s now sometimes going until up to 1am before waking for his bottle. He’ll then sleep until around 2:30 and after that it gets a little hit or miss! Most days, Toby will then go back to sleep for two more two hour blocks, but a couple of times he’s stayed awake pretty much from half 2, only then sleeping again come a time when I need to be up!


We see changes in our son daily, he amazes us! From day one, Toby could lift his head a little and now he holds it up and looks around. He takes so much interest in the light and dark contrasts around him and now also seems to really focus on faces too. At 4 weeks old, Toby weighed 9lb 6.5oz, so he’s really piled on the weight from being 7lb 9oz at birth! I’m so pleased with his weight gain because it shows that my milk is providing Toby with everything he needs.


For a couple of weeks, Toby had a gunky left eye, which was attributed to an under developed tear duct. It looked a bit yucky but didn’t seem to bother him and I just dripped a little breast milk into it at each feed, which cleared it up.

He’s not suffered too badly from dry skin, he has a very mild touch of cradle cap but that’s about it. We we’re told at antenatal to use olive oil on dry patches, but a midwife then told us that just the previous day she’d read that apparently olive oil is now bad! We had to laugh because pretty much every bit of advice changes weekly!

We sometimes find that Toby seems to strain a lot, going red and crying. I worried that he was constipated, but he hasn’t gone more than a day without a poo so we just try to wind him really well during and after feeds, which seems to help.