I feel a little emotional today, as our gorgeous little dude turns one and a half! I’ll blame the pregnancy hormones to an extent, but it is a big milestone and he’s changing daily before our eyes! Here’s what Toby’s up to at 18 months old.


We’re a bit hit or miss lately with food, I’m not sure if it’s a fussy phase or linked to a suspected return of the dreaded silent reflux – I’ll go into that in the health section. Either way, Toby’s mostly living on crackers, melon, boiled eggs, plain chicken and yoghurts. He’ll have a few mouthfuls of meals but even tried and tested favourites such as tomato pasta are often being rejected and he seems to be gagging on food before spitting it out.

We’re not overly concerned about this from a nutritional perspective because what he does eat at least has carbs and protein and he enjoys a drink of smoothy which is boosting his fruit intake. My concern is more whether it is down to pain as opposed to fussiness.




Can I skip this section?

In short – it sucks! Most nights Toby is up at least twice screaming and he’s coughing and whimpering the rest of the night. It’s exhausting for all of us and even when Phil and I don’t go to him because we can hear he’s whimpering in his sleep, we’re still lying there wide awake and that’s often when Baby Girl wakes up to start playing football in my womb!

Toby’s lovely 7-7:30am getting up time has also taken a u-turn so we’re up between 5 and 6am 99% of the time. His naps range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, mostly dependant on what we’re doing because he naps for longer at home. It doesn’t make any difference to his night sleep though.

Development & Behaviour

It’s been a great month for development, in spite of the sleep deprivation! Toby is now trying to put words together and also frequently tries out words with 3 or more syllables. My absolute favourite thing that Toby’s started doing is saying “Mummy”!!! I’m so happy about this because for months and months he didn’t have a name for me at all, then I was “Baba”, but last week he just came out with a perfect ‘mummy’ and hasn’t stopped since!

Toby’s other new words and signs include ‘yes’, ‘nanny’, ‘mow’ (meow), ‘hair’, ‘bath’, ‘butterfly’, ‘chocolate’ and ‘cracker’ and he tries to copy most things that we say.

Thankfully Toby’s tantrums haven’t been too severe lately, although he’s seriously pushing boundaries. He pulls the cat’s tail and throws stuff at her whilst laughing, he throws things generally and he hits out if he doesn’t get his own way. Toby has absolutely no care whatsoever for being told no or not to do something, he just laughs or ignores us. If we move him away from a situation or remove something from him then he’ll either ignore it or get annoyed. I know it’s typical toddler behaviour but it can be very trying, especially because our cat had major surgery last year and if her tail is pulled she could lose her continence and need to be put down.



As I mentioned above, we’re a little concerned that Toby’s silent reflux may have reared its ugly head again. He’s had a cough for weeks and weeks now, mostly overnight but pretty much whenever he’s asleep. That on its own doesn’t really mean much, but when added to the consistently awful nights, the crying out at night, the refusal to eat, putting his hands to the back of his mouth/throat and constant dribbling even when he’s not teething, he ticks all the boxes just as he did as a newborn. I’m going to take Toby to the doctor next week in the hope of a referral to a paediatric consultant because we need to have a proper plan of action and also determine whether him going on to dairy is the cause, because the dieticians haven’t done any tests or even asked me to keep a food diary.


What We’re Loving

  • Crackers
  • Music and dancing
  • Snuggles with bump
  • Reading
  • Family time over Christmas

Mummy News

I’m in quite a lot of pain lately, mostly with my hips and lower back. I’m going to be spending a lot of time on a birthing pool from now on and am starting pregnancy yoga next week to do alongside an online pregnancy pilates course I’m enjoying.

Aside from that and the tiredness I’m doing okay, I love feeling baby girl kicking and wriggling, I’m eating better of late and I’m really loving my work and blogging.

How has your month been? Has your little one made some great progress this month? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three