Shortly before Toby was born, I was contacted by Tiddley Pom to see if I fancied reviewing their Organic Baby Massage Experience gift set once ‘Baby C’ was born. I’d heard great things about baby massage, so jumped at the chance. The lovely Emma, founder of Tiddley Pom, said to take my time and not rush into trying to get a review done until I was ready, then even sent me a congratulations card when Toby was born. Lovely touches like that really make you warm to a company! I received the set a few weeks before Toby arrived and then waited eagerly for him to reach a point where I thought he would enjoy a massage.

The massage kit comes beautifully presented in packaging which can also then double up as a storage box. Inside, you find a 4-step set of products as follows.

1x Organic Baby Wash (50ml)

1x Organic Baby Massage Oil (50ml)

1x Organic Soothing Baby Lotion (50ml)

1x Organic Nappy Balm (30ml)

There is also an instructional DVD and booklet to guide parents in how to use the products for a relaxing and successful massage experience.

Each bottle clearly shows on the label what it is, the percentage of the product that is organic and the ingredients. I really like that everything is very clear, I feel like I can trust a product which doesn’t try to hide anything. The baby wash and sooothing lotion both contain lavender and chamomile essential oils, so smell amazing! The oil doesn’t have a scent and is 100% organic sunflower seed oil.

When Toby was about 4 weeks old, I felt he was having enough alert and calm time to give the kit a try. Mid-morning, a while after a feed but before he wanted to nap, I took the opportunity of a nappy change to try things out. Toby wasn’t having a bath so I skipped step one, heading straight to the oil. The kit contains written bullet point steps on the box, plus a more detailed guide to massaging your baby in the booklet. I followed the guide, although I roughly halved the timings for the first try because I didn’t think we’d have enough time before my little monkey started grizzling! Toby was so calm throughout the whole thing, I was amazed! He laid there looking around, sometimes focusing on me (as much as a 4 week old can) and seeming more chilled than I’d ever seen him. Over the next couple of days I gradually increased the amount of time spent massaging until we were following exactly what the book said. Even if he’d had a bit of an unsettled time, Toby was always calm at massage time and for a good while afterwards. I love how soft his skin feels afterwards and the time we spend doing the massage is a really lovely, calm Mummy baby experience which feels very personal.

I haven’t used the DVD because we don’t actually have a DVD player or CD Rom, however it’s testament to the instructions in the booklet that I feel comfortable about what I’m doing still. I also tend to put some classical music on in the background to create a really relaxed atmosphere.

I highly recommend Tiddley Pom for a really high quality product which is friendly to baby’s skin and works really well. I personally adore the soothing lotion and will definitely be getting another (RRP £9.99 for 150ml) when the one I have runs out. You can buy theOrganic Baby Massage Experience gift set from Boots for £25, which is much less than going to classes and means you can do the massages when it’s convenient for you and your baby, in the comfort of your own home. Check out the Tiddley Pom website for more information and the full product range, including CDs of beautiful, soothing music, composed by their in-house composer Fridrik Karlsson. You can also follow Tiddley Pom on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

*I was sent this product free of charge for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and no payment was received*