Third Trimester

32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks Pregnant // Names, Birth Options, Hospital Bags and Sleep Deprivation

Wow, 32 weeks pregnant. That seems huge. I feel huge. It’s all so very, very real and close now! With a mere 8 (to 10) weeks until we meet our daughter, Phil and I have started planning and preparing as much as we can. Oh, and we’re buying a new house so we’re taking guesses as to which happens first – the house move of the baby!

Keeping Fit in Pregnancy With Pregnancy Pilates

Keeping Fit During Pregnancy and Coping With SPD // Dr. Joanna Helcke Pregnancy Pilates Review

I am by no means a fitness fanatic, I don’t really do gyms and whilst I enjoy classes such as body balance, I do find that having a child who doesn’t sleep means my enthusiasm for evening classes wanes by the time they come around. I’ve been suffering with SPD and prior to that it was lots of throwing up followed by lots of migraines so keeping fit during pregnancy this time has been much harder than in Toby’s pregnancy.