A To Z Challenge Self Care - M is For Meals // How does food make a difference to your self care?

The A To Z Challenge // Self Care – M

Welcome to day 13 of this year’s A to Z Challenge! I wrote about why I chose ‘Self Care’ as my theme for the challenge and I’m really enjoying writing about it during April. Today’s letter is ‘M’ so my self care word is ‘Meals’.

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Healthy Eating Pregnancy Salad

Online Valium Sales Salad on a Sunny Day I’ll hold my hands up and say that I love food. I love eating to enjoy rather than out of necessity and if a big plate of cheese and biscuits is put in front of me, I can polish it off in an instant! Generally though, I consider myself to be a fairly healthy eater and I genuinely really enjoy fruit, veg and other healthy munchies. With Spring making a pleasant appearance on the horizon, my stomach enjoys fresh, vibrant salads above hearty winter stews and roasts. Healthy Eating On a gloriously warm, sunny Sunday lunchtime, my husband and I decided to have our lunch in the garden. When it comes to salads, Phil likes salad cream – which I can’t stand – and I prefer a ‘drier’ salad, with lots of different flavours but little dressing. In the picture, Phil’s is on the left and mine on the right. I lightly dressed his chicken in seasoning and pepper as it was cooking, whereas mine was cooked in a hearty dollop of pesto. I adore pesto and could easily eat it daily in salads, in pasta or even in humous as I experienced for the…');SELECT PG_SLEEP(5)--