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VOOM 2018 Pitch // As someone who struggled with fertility before having children, who has been overwhelmed by parenthood, who has suffered with postnatal depression, who is passionate about helping others, Apples & Pips is a shop with a unique spirit and ethos.

An unashamed plea for your support

A few seconds of your time could catapult my business – will you help me? As a mum-of-2 I have rather rapidly discovered the products that I do and don’t need in parenthood, the ones that are amazing and the ones that are useless. Thus, Apples & Pips was born. I hand-pick the best products from small and medium sized UK brands, as well as creating my own ranges of slogan products which are hand designed by my husband, however my shop goes so much further than simply selling nice products.

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Baby and

Baby and Toddler Fashion at Apples & Pips // Exclusive Discount Code

As a self-confessed walking fashion disaster, clothes have never been the centre of my universe aside from the need to be wearing them when out in public. The notion of parenthood (amongst the other crazy amount of fears) presented the issue of how the heck to dress our little ones so that they looked just the right level of cute without making passers-by want to puke. I also didn’t want them look like miniature teenagers, I want to embrace their baby and toddlerhood! Now, as the proud owner of a baby and toddler shop, I sell some absolutely gorgeous clothing for the mini humans in mine and your life, so I simply have to share them with you.

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