We have had some absolutely amazing summer days lately and even on the dreary ones, many of us are packing our bags ready for a trip abroad. As this is my second summer spent breastfeeding, I’ve figured out the types of clothes that do or don’t work for me, so here’s my collection of summer fashion styles for breastfeeding mums.

One of the easiest ways to breastfeed without buying a whole new wardrobe is by using the ‘One Up, One Down’ method. This essentially means wearing a vest top under any of your regular tops so that you lift the top layer up and pull the vest down. The benefit of this is that your tummy stays covered up, which for me is something that’s very important to me when I’m out and about!

The Casual, Floaty Look

Layering like this can become too hot on warmer days, so I love wearing loose, floaty tops over my vests, teaming them with skinny jeans:



Maxi Dresses

I took a long time to get on board with maxi dresses, in fact I only bought my first one in 2014 when I was pregnant with Toby; prior to then I’d disregarded them as making me look frumpy and weird. I’m now a convert but none of mine were suitable for breastfeeding in. Frugi to the rescue with gorgeous breastfeeding fashion picks! I absolutely love this gorgeous Navy Iris Boats dress, which you can currently pick up in their sale. With a panel across the chest that simply lifts up, allowing you space to unclip your bra and latch the baby on, feeding is comfortable and discreet.

IMG_20160807_094037 IMG-20160807-WA0014


One of my favourite purchases this season has been a denim dungaree dress. Worn with a light t-shirt underneath, it’s easy to unclip on side of the dungarees and lift the top up to feed. Regular dungarees would work too, but I look ridiculous in them!




A short sleeved kaftan looks great over a vest top and is really light, making it perfect for hot days. If you feel a little exposed with your vest pulled up or down, then it is a handy cover that you can simply pull over yourself. A lovely sales assistant in Fat Face showed me how to tie a large, lightweight scarf into a kaftan and it’s now a staple in my summer breastfeeding wardrobe:


Special Occasions

You may have seen my review of Tiffany Rose maternity and nursing dresses, with my favourite dress being the perfect choice for a breastfeeding mama during the wedding/BBQ/party season. The front of the Alessandra Dress wraps across the chest, meaning that it’s easy to lower one side in order to feed:


I’m finding that I’m exploring with my fashion and style far more now than ever. I’m nowhere close to my pre-pregnancy weight, which has forced me to buy some new clothes whilst I slim back down again. This in turn has led to me being a bit braver and I’m really enjoying trying out different things and playing with easy ways to make my outfits breastfeeding friendly.

What are your favourite summer breastfeeding fashion styles? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.