This past week has been rough. Martha reacted badly to her jabs, resulting in sleepless nights, miserable days, lots of screaming. I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful to have a Netflix subscription.

I was quite frankly over the moon when an email landed in my inbox asking me to be a member of the Netflix 2017/18 Stream Team. We’ve been very happy customers of the streaming service for a couple of years now, and have remained huge fans the whole time. I even tried a trial of an alternative service alongside Netflix once – it didn’t compare favourably and I soon cancelled it!

So back to our rather crappy week…

With Martha up several times a night screaming, then spending much of the day screaming, trying to get anything done was a pointless endeavour. I took Monday off of work to look after her and when she was awake, Little Baby Bum and Minions graced our screens. When she was asleep, I caught up on some 13 Reasons Why and Luther. In the brief period of time between both kids finally settling to sleep and us collapsing with exhaustion, we had Orange is the New Black to keep us entertained.

There’s so much I want to watch that I basically need about a month off of work, and without the kids around, to catch up! I’m still yet to see The Crown, and I’ve heard rave reviews of Designated Survivor and Ozark, so they’re top of the list!

The kids absolutely love Little Baby Bum, and the excitement was tangible when Minions was added to Netflix recently – the very beginning where the Minions sing to the Universal Pictures theme, was the first thing Martha ever ‘sang’! Dinotrux and Blaze are also popular with Toby, and there is always new and awesome stuff being added.

So thanks Netflix; for getting us through the ‘poorly baby/toddler’ days, the ‘too exhausted to move’ days, the ‘let’s watch a movie’ days, the ‘TV sucks’ days, and all the types of days that crop up – good, bad, or other!

** Netflix have provided us with merchandise and a year’s subscription, in exchange for my honest thoughts and posts about their service **