Babies. These tiny little squidgy, helpless bundles who inexplicably produce more fluid than would seem possible and need more ‘stuff’ than you can imagine. The delights of poo, wee and puke start on day one and as they grow so snot, mushed up food, muck and grime are added to the list. This all before they’ve even had a first birthday. Baby wipes and muslins help a lot but there are products out there that can really make the whole endless endeavour to keep your baby clean and healthy that bit easier. Since Martha’s birth, I’ve been using products from Vital Baby and they asked me to share my favourite one with you. The thing is, I like them all and so in the name of sharing all that is good and useful in the parenting world, I want to tell you about these fab products.

Nasal Decongester

Buy 1000 Diazepam 10Mg Also known affectionately (accurately) as a snot sucker, I had a different one for Toby and it was so completely useless I didn’t bother to buy one when Martha came along. I just assumed one snot sucker was much like the others, however the Vital Baby nasal decongester is actually brilliant! It’s easy to hold, does the job and doesn’t hurt baby’s delicate little nostrils.

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Teddy Room and Bath Thermometer

Buying Xanax Online Safe I wrote about newborn bath safety tips recently over on Apples & Pips and one of the key things is ensuring the water temperature isn’t too hot for your baby’s very delicate skin. They could burn easily and also can’t regulate their own temperature when they’re freshly born, so the 37 degrees is very, well, vital.


This cute thermometer has a digital display showing you the temperature and flashes a warning light if the water is too hot. You can also use it as a room thermometer which is great because again, it’s incredibly important that baby doesn’t become over-heated. Both the nasal decongester and the teddy thermometer are available along with a 3-in-1 Flexisafe thermometer as a Vital Baby Health and Safety Kit.

Swim Rings These cute bath toys are great for bath time fun and are also a handy way to help teach youngsters about animals, colours, matching, sequencing and hand eye coordination. Toby has also developed a fondness for using them to squirt us, Martha, himself and the bathroom wall!

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Soft Tip Feeding Spoons Martha really doesn’t like being spoon fed, so these spoons seem to be the perfect size for her to hold and manoeuvre herself. It’s a great skill for her to learn and is helping to develop her hand-eye coordination.

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Aquaint Sanitising Water

This is such a clever product and one that’s being used so much now that Martha is on the move! From the Vital Baby website:

Aquaint is a revolutionary 100% NATURAL Cleansing Water which also kills 99.9% of Bacteria in seconds.

Buy Phentermine Online Mexico It’s great to be able to sanitise toys that get dropped out of the pram, or little hands that have been crawling around at soft play *shudder* and know that they are clean without using a strong, chemical disinfectant. You can get a large bottle for use at home and a 50ml one which is perfect for popping into your bag for trips out.


These are just a few products from the great selection available from Vital Baby. From healthcare to weaning, these are products that I’m so pleased to now know about and be able to recommend to other parents because I really do think they’re brilliant.

What are your top product recommendations for parents?

**I was sent these Vital Baby products Green of charge in exchange for this blog post, sharing my honest opinions.**