A home pitch for our sporty girl! **This is a collaborative post** Martha is already showing great sporting prowess at only 2; she runs and jumps constantly, can balance well, scoots like a child at least double her age, and can dribble and kick a football like a (semi) pro! Phil and I love this about her, and are keen to give her any opportunities possible for her to progress in any sport she may want to pursue as she grows up. Why all parents should be pissed off right now

Why all parents should be pissed off right now

Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In Spain I try to live and let live, but then every so often my choices and my integrity – or those of my loved ones – are called into disrepute either directly or indirectly, and I have no choice but to use my voice, my excellent grasp of grammar, and my redheaded fiery nature, to scream back at the perpetrators.

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Discussing mental health issues isn’t socially acceptable

I recently (half) jokingly responded to a text asking how I was, with the overview “Marriage and parenthood are wonderful but hard, depression is f’ing awful, I like coffee, gin, and Sertraline”. The reply was that I could sell millions of books with that synopsis, and my friend and fellow blogger Amber from Meet the Wildes said that ‘I like coffee, gin, and Sertraline’ would make a great mug.

Getting a better night's sleep with the Dreams Mumsnet Kindred Mattress

That time I developed a brand new Dreams mattress // Introducing Kindred and Spirit

Sleep and I have had a tricky relationship for a number of years – I even wrote it a breakup letter back when I was awake ALL FREAKING NIGHT breastfeeding a 4-month-old Martha. So when I was invited to the Dreams factory by Mumsnet, to help develop two new mattresses tailored to parents, I had to get involved. I mean I may as well be comfortable when I’m laying in bed with a wriggly child or a brain that won’t shut down, right?

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Don't die with the music still in you // Singing my song

Don’t die with the music still in you “Don’t die with the music still in you” I heard this on Thought for the Day the other week on the Chris Evans breakfast show and it haunted me, the words swirling around my mind as I processed not only what was being said, but also the fact that my beloved Nan had passed away only days previously. We had been playing her favourite music to her almost right until the very end.