A few months ago I was very excited to receive a Chrome Plus pushchair from Joie and I wrote an article to introduce it. If you follow me on social media then you may have seen tweets and Instagram shots of Toby in the Chrome Plus out for walks, on the bus, on the train and most recently taking its first flight as we took it abroad to Tenerife. Having now used it in many situations, I thought a follow-up post was in order to show you how we’ve found it and whether our opinions have changed at all since we first received it.

At £270 plus £50 for an optional colour pack, the Joie Chrome Plus sits nicely in the mid-range section of the very enormous pushchair market and in my opinion there are some features of it that could rival the more expensive brands on offer. With an enormous hood, a spacious basket, easy-to-fold chassis and a comfortable forward- or parent-facing seat, it ticks many of the boxes that I think parents look for when purchasing a pushchair. You can buy a carrycot for it too but Toby outgrew the need for one a long time ago so I can’t comment on that but I also love that it comes with adaptors to fit a Maxi Cosi car seat to the frame too, even though Joie so also manufacture their own car seats. Available in a range of colours, it is lightweight for a full-size pushchair and the reclining seat seems really nice, Toby has certainly never complained! As I mentioned in my first post about the Chrome Plus, the chassis does feel a little less sturdy than some more expensive ones and I think some small tweaks with how the foot muff attaches would make the world of difference, but these things aren’t deal breakers. With all of that in mind, how has the Joie Chrome Plus fared with our very active lifestyle both home and away?

I go out for walks with Toby every day come rain or shine and a good number of those walks are in the pushchair (Toby, not me) whilst for others I carry Toby in a sling. I find that the Chrome Plus does need a bit of strength to get it up and down steep steps or kerbs, which can be a little tricky when you’re in a rush or have a heavy changing bag in the basket, but overall isn’t too much of a problem because kerbs and steps rarely sneak up on you unseen so you can prepare in advance to stop and use the brake bar to leverage the pushchair up. In Tenerife the kerbs were like mountains so I did have to put a bit of effort in at times but to be honest, when I was still pregnant we tried out some far more expensive pushchairs and they were much harder to get up and down steps.

Joie Chrome Plus Pushchair Review Joie Chrome Plus Pushchair Review Joie Chrome Plus Pushchair Review Joie Chrome Plus Pushchair Review Joie Chrome Plus Pushchair Review

The Chrome Plus is very much a flat terrain pushchair, but then it’s not advertised as all-terrain so that’s merely us having a lifestyle whereby we go off-road quite a bit. Admittedly, dragging the poor pushchair down Tenby South Beach in Wales during a hailstorm was a little cruel and I doubt many pushchairs would have fared too well on wet sand in heavy wind and rain! The main thing is that serves as a comfortable ride for Toby and he always seems perfectly happy sat or laid back sleeping whether we’re walking along country footpaths, up and down hills in Tenerife or through the local town centre. The included rain cover has proven excellent during this wet and windy winter and as I mentioned before, the hood is absolutely enormous and has definitely sheltered Toby from harsh wind and blazing Canaries sunshine alike.

Before Christmas I decided one morning after a sleepless night to take Toby on the train to Birmingham and have a wander around the Christmas market. Getting the Joie Chrome Plus on and off the train is perfectly easy in itself, but I would say that a compact stroller would be a much easier option when travelling alone because when the train became really busy I was on my own trying to hold Toby, pick up my changing back and fold and store the pushchair safely. That said, if I’d have had Phil or someone else with me it wouldn’t have been a problem because it is really easy to fold – you just need two hands! The flight to Tenerife was simple enough in that we checked in as usual then took both the pushchair and car seat to the oversized luggage desk and they took them to be put on the plane. A school girl error was not wrapping them up, so the clip on the pushchair that holds it in place when folded did snap but given the way it was launched on to the baggage reclaim belt in Tenerife I’m not surprised. Joie are very kindly going to fix the clip for us so I can also confirm that their customer service is superb.

The best way for me to show you our adventures with the Joie Chrome Plus and how easy it is to use is with a video, so here you are:

Would you think about buying a Joie Chrome Plus? Do you have any of their products? Which pushchairs would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

*We were sent the Joie Chrome Plus for review purposes, all words and opinions are my own*