My name is Hannah and I’m a disorganised mess. Wow, feels good to get that off my chest! Here’s the thing though… I’ve not always been like this and it bugs me so much that I am forgetful, clumsy and just a little chaotic since falling pregnant and having Toby. I’ve always loved lists and a trail of notebooks, phone reminders and post-its have always kept me on track alongside my unwaivering need to Be On Top Of Everything, so what changed?

I’ll tell you, notebooks were replaced by nappies, phone reminders centred around the theme of “Which boob did I use for the last feed?” and post-its were for sticking on my forehead with ‘Hannah’ written on them so I at least knew my own name when I looked in the mirror (If I write my name HAnnAH it even looks the same in the mirror – good old symmetrical palindrome!) Pregnancy and motherhood frazzled my brain, not that I’m complaining about pregnancy or motherhood because I absolutely adore both, but there’s no doubting that ‘Baby Brain’ truly does exist and I think that maybe the more organised you were BC (Before Children) the more you feel the effects of it all.

Toby’s first few months were tough, he had silent reflux, colic, he woke up every 2 hours on a good night and barely napped for 10 minutes three times a day so I didn’t have time to even write lists, never mind tick them off. Now 6 months old, our gorgeous little boy is far more settled and thankfully in far less pain, which means that I can focus a bit of my time of organising my life and my blog more efficiently. At about the time that Toby started to get better, Minted contacted me about a collaboration and I wrote this post about their products and service. In exchange for my honest review, they sent me a voucher to use on their site and with my reinvigorated sense of organisation, the first thing that I decided to order was a gorgeous personalised notepad for jotting down any lists, ideas and thoughts that popped into my mind.

Their notebooks, journals, diaries and address books are all available in a huge and varied range of designs and the search feature is great because you can filter the results by size, colour, whether it’s personalised, whether it includes your own photographs etc. I was instantly drawn to one particularly beautiful and elegant design, especially when I saw that on the inside cover you could have your own photograph and words. I’m a bit of a sucker for personalised stuff!

I chose a notebook because I also had my eye on an organiser in Paperchase, so didn’t need a diary or address book. I was thrilled when the pocket organiser I’d seen went into the sale at Paperchase and was a steal at £8 instead of £16. I’d recently signed up to their mailing list and they’d given me a 15% off voucher code, so I also bought a couple of packs of spare insert note pages and the whole lot only cost a little over £9. I went for the pocket size because, although it’s small, the pages are wider than the next size up and the biggest size is simply too big to fit in my changing bag when cloth nappies. wet bags, bibs and food take up so much space.

Now, I have a Monday to Friday agenda page in my organiser with the different linkies I’d like to join in with on each day – obviously including my own brand new ‘From Jogging to Blogging‘ linky on a Monday! I have a notes section for blog ideas, which I then draft out in my notebook if I’m not at my computer. There’s also a 2015 diary in my organiser so my day-to-day life plans go in there too and I feel a bit more like the old me again, like I’ve regained a little bit of control over things and it’s great. It’s working, too. I have so far kept up to date with my blog posts and have even done three vlogs in 2015, one about our first family Christmas, another about our day trip out to see Isaac Newton’s house and a celebratory one for Toby’s half birthday!

Did you feel like you lost control a bit after having a baby? How do you keep things organised? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch viaFacebook or Twitter.