This week has been a bit of a rocky one because my SPD has been so bad that I’ve been unable to do much. Thankfully, Toby has been a beaut most of the time so we’re been having fun playing indoors, snuggling and getting out as and when I can. I’m linking up to My Wild Ones over on Make, Do and Push.

This week, Toby turned 20 months old and I turned 34 weeks pregnant so we celebrated with some photos together.

Celebrating 34 weeks pregnant and 20 months old

Celebrating 34 weeks pregnant and 20 months old

Celebrating 34 weeks pregnant and 20 months old

Toby’s character has been utterly perfect lately, yes he has his meltdowns but what toddler doesn’t? After everything he went through as a baby with silent reflux and constant pain, I’ll take an awesome, contended toddler with usual toddler tantrums any day! He’s really snuggly now and even fell asleep on us a few times, which is a new experience. We’ve also had cheeky moments of wearing Daddy’s shoes, climbing on everything, making a lot of mess at mealtimes and flashing his gorgeous smile for the camera.

It’s a shame that we’ve not been as active as usual this week, but I have to accept my physical limitations right now and the main thing is that we’re happy and still having fun.

Toby’s speech has blossomed this week too. He’s always been an advanced communicator for his age, since starting to sign as a baby. The health visitor came over for my prenatal check and mentioned how impressive his speech is. He’s putting two or three words together now and saying his words very clearly, as well as suddenly coming out with new words we don’t even remember teaching him! He’s also finally saying “Thank you” after months of only signing it and he’s remembering and saying the names of friends from playgroups and nursery, who he only sees once a week.

Although physically it’s been a tough week for me, on the parenting front it’s been brilliant and as always, I’m super proud of our gorgeous Wild One! I can’t wait to meet his sister in a few weeks and start joining in with My Wild Ones featuring both of our babies.

How has your little one’s week been? Any new milestones that they’ve reached? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.