What a month! Between putting our house on the market, selling it and agreeing a price on a new house, Toby teething and general pregnancy-ness, I found that February flew by. I did manage to jot down some awesome Toby-isms throughout the month and I’ve loved looking back at them to think of funny things he’s said or done in the last month.

    1. Dancing and Singing- Toby just loves singing and dancing now! Be it the Iggle Piggle dance, some tune in his head, nursery rhymes or the radio, Toby is bopping around around most of the time and I love watching him or joining in when I feel energetic enough to! He loves singing ‘Wind The Bobbin Up’ and will do the moves himself or manipulate his doll or Twirlywoo toys so that they’re dancing. We’ve also been practicing loud and quiet by doing the first line whispering, then shouting the next one and he loves it!
    2. “Mummy beep beep!” – On the way home from nursery at the beginning of the month, some expletive on the road pulled one hell of a stupid stunt and nearly caused a huge crash. I beeped, feeling very shaky, and Toby found it hilarious! To this day he’ll occasionally pipe up “Mummy beep beep!” then start giggling.
    3. Kissing Up The Stairs – Each night at bed time, Toby walks up the stairs and kisses Phil through the bannister on each step. Every couple of kisses he’ll say “Mummy” and wants Phil and I to kiss too. It’s so lovely that he’s showing affection as well as being happy for Phil and I to do so.
    4. Saying His Own Name – Toby is speaking even more than before and has recently been recognising himself in photos/the mirror. The funny thing is that he’s not yet learned how to say ‘Toby’, so he says either ‘Boby’, or ‘Boobie’ Haha
    5. His Love of Toys – Toby’s never been particularly possessive of his toys before, but lately he’s really attached to his teddies, bikes, trolley and Little Tikes car and trike. It’s very cute, until he wants to take all of them to nursery. That doesn’t end well!
    6. Helping Daddy With the Fire – We have a log burner and Toby has been helping out in order for us to put boundaries in place so that he can join in but safely. Toby scrunches up the paper whilst Phil puts the logs in, then Toby sits back (most of the time) and watches, saying “Fi-for” – ‘Fire’
    7. Cuddles – Toby’s never been a particularly cuddly child but since the new year he has started cuddling more often. Lately, if I’m cooking or doing the dishes, he’s come and wrap himself around my legs and he’ll also run over with open arms when he fancies a snuggle.
    8. Speaking Like a Scouse – Okay, this is really tricky to describe in text and my little monkey won’t perform for the camera, but lately he’s been saying words such as ‘More’ with that gluttal, throat clearing sound that the fine people of Liverpool use for words ending in ‘K’. I have no idea where it has come from but it’s freaking hilarious! (This article explains the sound I mean, better than I have done! Also, I genuinely love Liverpool, brilliant city.)
    9. “Mine’s” – Alongside saying his own name, Toby is getting to grips with possessive terms and is correctly using them in context. He knows when something is Mummy’s, Daddy’s, Ivy’s etc, but instead of saying “Toby’s” or “Mine”, it’s “Mine’s” – Too cute! **NB I will teach him the use of apostrophes in good time, of course!**
    10. Outside, This Way, That Way, There It Is – Toby is a very strong-minded young man and it’s fantastic that he can now tell us where he wants to go. His little voice carries from the front door calling “Outside!” and when we’re out and about Toby can say which way he wants to go, as well as exclaiming “There it is!” when he sees or finds something of interest.

    We had some incredibly tough nights throughout February and at times we felt like we couldn’t take much more, but as ever Toby came out the other side armed with some fantastic new developments and his speech continues to amaze us and fill us with pride every day. He’s so sociable and loads of fun to be around. I took him to my friend’s house with me to meet her newborn and he was so adorable with her, so I can’t wait to have my heart well and truly melted when he meets his little sister soon.

    What have your little ones been up to in the last month? Any lovely developments? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

    Mr and Mrs T Plus Three
    Little Hearts, Big Love