As you may have spotted, last week was my detox and clean eating plan through Live Young Bootcamp and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly spotted a lot of food on my timeline! It’s been a really interesting week and I hope that the things I’ve learned will take me forward to a much healthier lifestyle and mindset

I’m not an unhealthy person, I eat a lot of fruit and veg, minimal dairy, virtually no caffeine or alcohol and I haven’t got much of a sweet tooth. Bread is, without a doubt, my biggest downfall and the amount I eat has crept up and up since having Toby because it’s just so darn tasty and convenient! The trouble is, it leaves me bloated and feeling really sluggish with tummy pains if I over do it.

When Susanne (Ghostwriter Mummy) told me how much she was loving the detox week followed by a further 3 week clean eating plan through Live Young Bootcamp, I was really keen to find out more and I immediately signed up to the August free week, which involves being sent a digital cookbook of clean recipes, list of allowed food and drink and access to a Facebook group for us all to keep one another motivated and supported as well as a place for Ross to give us tips, answer questions and keep us on the straight and narrow!

With the detox, you’re not starving yourself, you’re cleansing your body and ridding it of built-up toxins. This means eating 3 good meals a day which are basically carb- and dairy-free, but ensuring you get plenty of protein.

Now, this was probably the worst week of the month for me to be on a detox; With an all-expenses trip to London, PMT (Sorry, but it is a factor!) and then Phil being away so me being home alone with Toby for a few days, let’s just say the week was filled with temptation. I started every day with a shot of wheatgrass powder in water and a lemon tea and followed the guidelines for my meals.

Here’s how I got on:


Day one was fine because I was excited about starting and I was feeling really grotty and bloated. I started the day with oven baked eggs in avocados which I’d heard of before but never tried. It was really tasty and Toby enjoyed a couple of mouthfuls too.

I had a black coffee whilst working then a long walk around my local town at lunchtime before a salad with balsamic vinegar for lunch. Homemade minted lamb burgers topped with feta with peas for tea followed by a clean chocolate mousse using cocoa powder, avocado and raspberries all whizzed up in my Nutribaby. I just looked for some bits that were allowed and that I thought would taste good together and it actually really worked!


This was a very testing day! I missed breakfast because I had to drop Toby off at mum’s and catch my train but we were held up by a terrible accident on the main road. Thankfully nobody was injured and I’d packed myself some Greek yoghurt with berries in it and some walnuts so those kept me going on the train.

The biggest challenge was when I arrived at the Canesten event I’d been invited to and there was a pretty much limitless supply of red sweets – My favourites! I resisted, then I avoided the burgers and chips they had provided for lunch and enjoyed roasted root vegetables and salad finished off with some strawberries. Phil and I went out for a meal that night and we found a gorgeous place in Soho where I ordered one of the most amazing fillet steaks I’ve ever eaten, but chose green beans to accompany the steak and spinach instead of potatoes.

I did find day 2 tough, but only because the temptation was there. I was proud when I went to bed having remained strong!


At the hotel’s all-you-can eat breakfast I managed to ignore the fresh bread, bacon and sausages and instead had a delicious mushroom omelette. Arguably the most expensive omelette I’ve ever eaten mind you! I was on my own wandering around London until my train home mid-afternoon so I popped to see the changing of the guard then grabbed a salad (noticing a theme?) before heading home. I can’t actually remember what I had for tea, I was so tired!


Toby was absolutely gorgeous on Thursday and we shared boiled eggs with asparagus for breakfast before heading to the beach at our local nature reserve with some friends for a picnic. I had some chicken bites and salad (shock!) and didn’t struggle at all not to eat Toby’s bread roll when he refused it, which was a marked change in my mindset.

I made Toby and I a beef stir fry for tea and when he went to bed I just got on with some work before going to bed myself.


I had an egg and mushroom omelette for breakfast, which I again shared with Toby but he was in an absolutely awful mood so it was a pretty stressful day to be honest! I actually can’t remember what I had for lunch, I do know I had some walnuts and almonds for my snack then I made a pesto chicken for tea which was quite tasty but I was feeling a bit poorly so I don’t think the yoghurt in that helped.


I spent most of the day curled up on the sofa with the most intense stomach pains that had started Friday night. I wondered if maybe Toby had them too because he had been up until midnight screaming loads until Phil managed to settle him and he slept really well until about 8am I think it was.

I couldn’t face eating much and I spoke to Ross who suggested plain chicken, brown rice and the usual sorts of sickness-friendly food but I really couldn’t face the idea of chicken. Phil managed to get a few mouthfuls of toast down me made with almost clean-eating bread and by bed time I felt better, but then all hell let lose!


What a write-off of a day! Toby went to bed late at 8pm, then awoke at 11pm throwing up violently. Almost simultaneously Phil ran off to be sick too so I stripped Toby down and got him cleaned but he was exhausted and clearly poorly. With Phil equally poorly, I cleared the spare bed and hopped in with Toby. It’s the first time we’ve ever co-slept for a whole night and I really struggled to sleep, fearful of Toby crawling under the duvet or throwing up again and hating that I knew how poorly Phil was but couldn’t help him at all by even getting him some water.

I then got up at 5am and was really ill myself, so food wasn’t even on our radar for the day!

Moving Forward…

Overall, the detox week was a really interesting and worthwhile experience for me and I’m so glad I did it. It wasn’t about losing weight for me at all, I do need to tone up but that will come with exercise, this week was about pushing my willpower and assessing the difference that carbs make upon my overall health.

I love bread and I always will do, but we’re lucky to live on the doorstep of one of the country’s best bakeries and they do a delicious rye bread so instead of buying shop-bought stuff full of rubbish, I’ll buy a small loaf of the rye bread and have no more than a slice or two every other day or so.

I would highly recommend Live Young Bootcamp to anyone who is looking for a positive lifestyle change with the support of a fantastic leader and a group of like-minded people all wanted to achieve good results.

Have you ever done a detox? Do you follow a clean eating lifestyle and have any recipe suggestions? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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