This week I found that I was struggling with my motivation at the gym with me absolutely loving Body Balance still, but not feeling particularly inspired to do regular gym sessions or go for runs. I loved running prior to falling pregnant and had wanted to work up to 10km with the long-term plan of a half marathon, but after pretty much stopping running once I fell pregnant I am starting back at square one. I decided to reignite my desire to run a 10km so was thrilled to find the Women’s Running Nottingham 10k, whose headline charity is The Alzheimer’s Society.

Sometimes I hold back a bit about what I write about in that some things are simply too personal or too painful. I’ve not written about my Nan’s Alzheimer’s in great detail because it is upsetting and sometimes I just want to keep stuff to myself. That said, I have opened up more recently, starting with my Farewell Letter to Sir Terry Pratchett who recently passed away after suffering from Alzheimer’s. The following week I mentioned about how my Nan had taken a turn for the worse and had been in hospital for a week, her condition making it impossible for the doctors to know for sure what was wrong Thankfully, broad-spectrum antibiotics and a drip for dehydration has seemed to have helped and although now bed bound, Nan is more lucid than she has been for a while.

I think that explains why I went for the Nottingham run, the city is easy for me to get to and the charity is one that is close to my heart so I signed up immediately. I have been at the gym and can reasonably comfortably run 3-3.5km, so I’m a third of the way there with a little over 3 months until the race, which is on July the 12th – only 4 days after Toby’s first birthday. I will continue with my Body Balance classes once a week and will do a treadmill run once a week at the gym, then my aim is to do two further road runs in my local area. I’m already eating pretty well and I know that with the right mindset I can do this, but it won’t be easy with Toby still sometimes waking in the night. However, this training is far easier than watching my Nan be taking away from us by the evil disease that is Alzheimer’s, so if the money I raise can help towards finding better medication or maybe one day even a cure, than trust me when I say that I will finish this 10km no matter what!

I know that between marathons, Race For Life, midnight walks and goodness know what else, there is a lot of demand for your sponsorship, but if like me you or your family have been struck by Alzheimer’s then please do consider sponsoring me by donating whatever you can spare on my fundraising page. Absolutely every penny counts and I will be grateful to everyone who sponsors me.

Have you got any training tips for me? Have you done a 10km before? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.