Happy one month baby girl! I cannot believe that a whole month has flown by since I was in labour and we met our beautiful daughter Martha. She already brings so much joy to our family and we really do feel complete. Tired, but complete! Here’s how she’s doing at one month old. 


We struggled with breastfeeding a bit in the first couple of weeks, but we’ve found our way better now. Martha doesn’t have a great latch, but overall it’s not painful for me and she must be getting a decent meal because she’s piling weight on.

Martha feeds on demand, but this mostly means some cluster feeds in the morning, then about every 3 hours up to 6-7pm when she cluster feeds again leading up to a big 9-10pm feed and bed. She then feeds again around 2am and sometimes again at 4am, but often then not until 6am.


As you can tell from her feeding pattern, Martha is a pretty good sleeper by newborn standards! Most nights she sleeps from 10-2am then until between 4 and 6am. Yesterday she then went back down again until 8am. We’ve had some nights of being up every 1-2 hours but those are relatively infrequent.



Because of Martha’s reflux, I keep her upright for half an hour after feeds and her SnuzPod mattress is slightly raised. She then sleeps on a PurFlo Breathable Nest and shhh, don’t tell the health visitor, but she prefers to sleep on her tummy.

Martha naps on and off all day, we’ve not got a set nap pattern as of yet and I won’t be forcing one.


Martha’s had good neck strength from birth and can now hold her head up and have a good look around for several minutes. She’s very alert,  *nosy*, when she can be bothered to stay awake long enough!


Martha smiled for the first time at 3 weeks, after a few days of really testing her muscles and trying hard. I was amazed, not expecting them for a good fortnight to 3 weeks at that point, but smile she did and we now get very regular ones in response to kisses, playing peek-a-boo and tickles. They’re beautiful too, don’t you think?



Martha was born weighing 8lb 7.8oz – thank goodness I didn’t know she was 1lb bigger than Toby when I was pushing – and she had regained her birth weight within two weeks. She had mild jaundice, which cleared up quickly thanks to breastfeeding and some nice sunny days, so we avoided blood tests and UV lamps.

Martha does have active reflux so we can often be found covered in puke, but thankfully she doesn’t seem bothered by it so we’re not medicating. She is however, bothered by trapped wind. Martha doesn’t burp very well and is often drawing her knees up and giving short squeals of pain before finally burping or trumping. It’s not nice to see and we’re giving Infacol a try to see if it helps.

By my technical method of weighing myself with then without Martha in my arms and calculating the difference, Martha weighs 11lb 7oz today. That puts her on the 91st percentile!! Clever Martha and clever mummy’s milk!

Martha generally does at least one big poo a day, which are pretty runny and gross but hey ho, when is baby poo nice?! 


What We’re Loving


  • Cuddles and lots of them! Where Toby has never been fussed about physical contact, Martha loves it!
  • Big brother – Toby loves his baby sister, albeit in a way which means he gets a little over excited and tries to interact with her by grabbing her arms or poking her eyes! Martha gives Toby some of her best smiles!
  • Getting out. Martha is great in the pram and is also now starting to enjoy babywearing, which is lovely.
  • Baths are a big hit, although the getting dressed part is generally not as well received as the bath itself.



Mummy News

I’m doing well! My recovery from labour has been mostly straightforward, my tear has healed fine and although I’ve had some pains on and off, I’m feeling really healthy. I’m enjoying being able to walk properly again and am looking forward to getting out for the odd run in the near future.


I had the full on baby blues on day 3 and have had some teary times, but then it’s not easy having two under twos so I think I’m doing well considering! Phil is amazing and gets up with Toby at stupid o’clock every morning whilst I’m sleeping/feeding and I mostly manage showers and to leave the house every day. I’ll admit that we’ve been living off of easy, bung in the oven, type food but it’s relatively decent stuff such as pie and we always have some veg!

I’m currently not eating dairy, just to see if it helps with Martha’s reflux because it was the cause of Toby’s. I’m giving it a few weeks and will then evaluate, I miss milk, cheese and chocolate but it’s not a big deal if it does indeed help, so I’ll update you on that next month.

Have you had a spring time baby? How is/was life with your one month old? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.