I’m a teeny, tiny, 11 days late with Martha’s 3 month update, ooops! We’ve been so busy and life just whizzes by in a completely different way when you have two to look after! Our gorgeous girl is doing really well at 3 months old though.


Martha is still exclusively breastfed and resolutely refuses all attempts at giving her a bottle of expressed milk. I’ve managed to get a couple of ounces down her, but whether it’s Phil or I offering the bottle, in or out of the house, she’s having none of it; Bye bye 30th birthday night out! Or… Hello Martha’s first night out?! Okay, maybe not.

Breastfeeding is going fine though and I have to say I find it really easy now, so I barely have to think about it. The only downside these days is with Martha becoming more nosey and interested in the world around her, she’ll often pull away to have a look around if there’s anything happening.


Overall Martha is a brilliant sleeper still, but with her reflux having become worse lately, she’s had some really bad nights which I have assumed is down to the pain of the acid in her tummy and oesophagus.

She will generally have her final feed around 9pm and then go to bed in her SnuzPod, she’s still a tummy sleeper and still in the Purflo Breathable Nest, but she’s rapidly growing out of the nest and I’m panicking a little about what to do if she outgrows the SnuzPod any time soon because the Sleepyhead that would serve to keep her cocooned in a regular cot is way out of our budget.

On a normal night, Martha will wake for a feed around 3-4am and will then get up for the day anywhere between about 07:30-09:00. We’re not really in a nap routine because we’re all over the place going out and about most days so she just sleeps in the car or pushchair as and when we’re out.


We’ve started being treated to some little giggles, which is lovely. Martha is rarely without a smile on her face so it’s amazing hearing these progress to giggles when she’s tickled or finds something funny – usually her brother.

She’s very strong, pushing fully up on her arms from her tummy so that she can look around and she has no problems with head control. Martha will also spin around when she’s on her back, so she will remain on her back but at the opposite end of the mat within a few minutes. She has been making some attempts to roll back to front but hasn’t managed to fully get her legs across.


Martha’s weight is absolutely fine, she’s now over 6kg and remains firmly between the 75th and 91st centiles.

The only issue we’re really having is with her reflux, as I mentioned above. Martha had her 12 weeks jabs and the moment the Rotovirus oral vaccine hit her throat she repeatedly projectile vomited. Since then, her gag reflex has seemed to be in overdrive and even sometimes latching on to the breast will cause her to gag.

As far as the reflux itself is concerned, Martha’s always been a sicky baby but has never seemed too bothered by it. Recently, however, she’s being sick far more frequently and is often really screaming for up to half an hour before she vomits. It’s really horrible because she desperately tries to smile through it, but she’s obviously in pain and as soon as she’s managed to be sick, the smile returns. The GP prescribed Gaviscon on the day Martha turned 3 months old, so I’ll update this section thoroughly come her 4 month update.

What We’re Loving

  • Toby – Martha adores her big brother and the feeling is mutual, they’re (mostly) adorable together.
  • Tickles – It’s so cute getting a reaction to tickles now, especially under Martha’s chin and around her ribs.
  • Fingers – Chewing on fingers is a new thing this month; her own and ours will all suffice!

Mummy News

I’m okay, I’m suddenly finding life with two, and a blog, and setting up a new business, rather overwhelming. I’m trying to keep busy but also be kind to myself and accept help when I can.

How are your little ones getting on? Have you got a baby of a similar age to Martha? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.