Hands up who’s writing this update with absolutely no babies left in the house and is wondering where the heck the time is going? Me!!! Martha is 16 months old today and she is ALL toddler.


Eurgh. Coffee. I can’t remember what sleep feels like. Martha’s (belated) 1-year jabs have set her back so far and I am broken! She’s up several times a night and doesn’t want to go into her cot. Like, ever. We get there, in the end, for maybe an hour or two, then it’s a repeat performance of screaming and clinging to me like I’m trying to feed her to the lions that apparently inhabit her cot.

Tired Pops just wants to be close to Mama at all times!


Breastfeeding – and more than I would like to. See above.

Martha does eat a lot of food, so breastfeeding is more comfort than anything else, I’m totally aware of this. The thing is, she’s stubborn. It’s incredibly difficult to stand my ground and say no when she’s screaming at the top of her lungs, scratching my face (honestly), pulling at my top, biting my chest, and shouting “Booby!!!” repeatedly.

It’s not that I hate breastfeeding – I’m super proud and happy with how well we’ve done – but I’m exhausted and I need to not be her sole method of comfort.

Anyway, this is about Martha, not me! She is an eating machine and has a fantastic appetite, so there are no concerns there. She has 3 main meals and 2 or 3 snacks a day, plus feeds and sometimes even a sneaky supper after nursery too!

16 months old and loving the independence of eating a yoghurt by herself! Sandy foot of a breastfeeding toddler - complete with Boo Chew teething necklace from Apples & Pips!


Teething is still in full swing, so we now have a couple of molars now, but she’s still missing the bottom lateral incisors which ‘should’ be through by now. But obviously kids don’t read instructions so they’ll come when they’re ready!

Martha is in 12-18 month clothes, with the odd 9-12 still fitting her. I need to weigh her after nursery, but weight gain has been slow since she started crawling at about 9 months, so I’d expect she’ll still be under 9.5kg.

As I mentioned above, her 1-year jabs were delayed because I’d forgotten that they even happened and our GP surgery very inconveniently don’t bother sending out reminders or appointments when jabs are due. So she had them 2 weeks ago today and has really suffered. The poor mite has had fevers, a bad cough, general lethargy, and just hasn’t been herself. I’m hoping now we’ve reached the 2 week mark that things will settle down a bit.


Okay, I know my exhaustion has rather shown through on the previous sections, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m so proud of our little girl.

She’s coming on so well, with loads more words starting to come out, trying to jump (while saying “Jump!”, brushing her teeth, playing, singing, dancing. Her latest words, added to mummy, daddy, yes, finished, booby, hello, bye-bye – include:

  • Teeth
  • Shoes
  • Walk
  • Blackberries
  • Please
  • Jump
  • Downstairs
  • Neigh
  • Egg
  • Book

She’s so stubborn, so loud, but also so cuddly and cheeky – I love every little piece of Martha’s personality and as she so rapidly embraces toddlerhood, her colour shines even brighter every day.

Things We Love

  • Going to Belton House a lot
  • A whistle-stop trip to the seaside
  • Reading ‘That’s Not My Polar Bear’
  • Watching Boss Baby
  • Fun stuff at nursery
  • Jumping

Mummy News

I’m exhausted (could you tell?!) and have been off work for a couple of days thanks to migraines. Sometimes it’s all just a bit too much and it’s crucial to step back a bit and allow the healing to take place before full burnout sets in.

One very tired mama, complete with migraines

Other than that, I’m pretty good. I’ve set up a sign-up form for people who would like to join my Kindess Tribe; it’s a random acts of kindess thing I’ve been doing via my shop Apples & Pips, where I give a nice little supportive note and a gift voucher to parents I see out and about. My aim is to extend it across the UK and I’m so pleased with the number of people who have signed up so far! If you’d like to join me in spreading  a bit of happiness, then you can pop your details into this form and I’ll be in touch!