I’m a bit late (15 days!) with this update because it’s been a bit manic around these parts, but of course I couldn’t let Martha’s latest monthly milestone pass without a round up of how she’s doing! At 7 months old, we’ve seen a lot of changes in our baby girl.


The nights became absolutely unbearable in the past month and I was on my knees. Where Martha was a dream for the fourth trimester, come 16 weeks she started waking more frequently and by 6 months I could be up with her anything from 4 to 10 times a night.

We’re currently trying some gentle sleep training and it is going mostly okay so I’ll update you on that next month and probably do a dedicated post about it.

Day time naps are around 30-45 minutes 3 times a day and if we’re at home then Martha sleeps in her cot.



Weaning in very slow progress with this little lady! She’s the opposite to her brother in every way and while Toby was demolishing olives and focaccia by 6 months, Martha is barely taking a nibble of porridge or rice cake.

She resolutely refuses to be spoon fed so the thought that we would combine purées with finger foods is out the window! I’m not overly concerned, but her weight has dropped a little so we do need to keep an eye on things.

img_1817 img_1868

Breastfeeding continues to go well and it kind of took me by surprise to get to 7 months and still be breastfeeding! After a really rough journey with Toby I wanted to give it a go with Martha but was prepared for it not to work. I’m now feeling like we’ll just continue until she’s ready to stop, although any tips about how to be away from her for a day when she won’t take a bottle would be appreciated as there will be times where I need to maybe go to meetings or events without her!


Martha’s reflux was greatly improving but a lot of colds and coughs lately have triggered it again. We had an appointment with the paediatric consultant last week and decided to try giving a larger dose of Ranitidine right before bed to help her overnight. The nasty acid cough does seem to have eased, but we are now seeing more puking again during the day. To be honest though if the puking doesn’t upset Martha then I’ll take that for better nights.

As I mentioned briefly above, Martha’s weight actually dropped in the 6 weeks leading up to last week. She was weighed at the hospital and came in at 8.4kg/18lb 8oz, which is still a healthy size for her age but obviously we need to make sure she doesn’t head on a downwards trajectory on the charts. She’s so sturdy and alert though that we’re sure she’s fine.

Martha’s showing all the delightful signs of teething, just minus the teeth, so time will tell when they will cut. Toby was 10 months old so who knows!


Martha is a complete pro at sitting up unaided now, only having wobbles when something behind her catches her attention. She’s able to rock back and forward on her hands and knees in her inflatable cushion, but I don’t think we’re close to crawling yet.

Martha chats constantly now and we get a lot of mamama, blabla and high pitched squeals amongst blowing raspberries!

What We’re Loving

  • Chewing Everything – Well, except food!
  • Seeing Friends – We’ve caught up with wonderful blog friends at Blogfest and various events as well as non-blog friends on fun play dates
  • Playing With Toby – Martha adores her big brother and they’re starting to play quite nicely. Toby also loves singing to her or playing peekaboo and will immediately try to make her smile if she cries