20 months. That’s almost 2 years. That’s a bit scary. Our wonderful girl is doing so well though, that the passing days are a joy to see. Except when she’s on a super mega stubborn streak!


As with last month, the 6-7pm until 6-7am is fairly consistent. We had a few dodgy nights and 5am starts over Christmas, but that seemed to coincide with a development leap.

Martha has recently dropped her afternoon nap, which means she’s fairly tired from 4pm onwards, but overall I think it’s a good thing.


She’s gone from being a boob fiend to a bottle fiend! Martha will ask for milk a good 3 or 4 times a day (she gets it 2, sometimes 3 times) and demands it be “ ‘ot!” – which is funny.

She has been a bit up and down with eating lately, but will devour broccoli, cauliflower, pasta, wraps, olives, and grapes, so we’re not concerned.


Those missing four bottom teeth are still nowhere to be seen, so when the rest of us go for our routine dentist checks this month I’ll take Pops along just to mention it.


She can still mostly fit into 12-18 month clothes, but trousers and leggings are more often 18-24 months now, so I’ll be starting to clear out her wardrobe soon.

Martha has had a nasty cough that’s been going around, but she thankfully hasn’t been too poorly with it. She also fell and hit her lip open this afternoon so we have been getting through the old Calpol a bit!


I mentioned the development leap she’s had recently, and this has mostly shown itself in the form of Martha’s speech, which is becoming so clear and understandable now. She does still babble a lot (don’t we all?!) but when people who don’t see her often can understand a lot of what she says, I take that as a great sign.

Martha can confidently count to 5, and makes a valiant attempt at reaching 10; she also sings the ABC song, but after C the letter sounds are somewhat jumbled!

The time off over Christmas has been amazing for Phil and Martha’s bond, so she will now fairly often ask for Daddy over Mummy for the first time in her life. Far from making me jealous, my heart bursts because I felt the sting of rejection from Toby for a very long time and I know how much it hurts, so seeing her love Phil so much is wonderful.


Martha remains a vibrant, active, stubborn, cheeky little soul and those dimples will basically get her out of all possible trouble if we allow it, so boundaries are coming into effect more as the ‘terrible twos’ start to creep in!

Things We’re Loving

  • Christmas
  • Snow
  • Wintry walks
  • Singing
  • Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol
  • Cuddles
  • Playing chase


Mummy News

A lot has changed this past month actually! I finish work a week on Friday and will putting a lot of focus into getting fit again, cooking better meals for us all, developing Apples & Pips, and freelance copywriting/blogging. It’s a big change, but my mental health has suffered in a job that – with the commute, my health, Toby’s needs, parenthood generally – was simply too much. I love to work, but it has to be a balance and it simply hasn’t been.

I launched a crowdfunding campaign to get sponsorship for the Random Acts of Kindness I’m doing through my shop, so that will launch nationwide this month and if you’d like to get involved then PLEASE get in touch and I’ll give you more information.


I’m really excited for these positive changes, and will keep you up to speed with how things are going!

How’s your month been? Any big milestones?