I’m only a teeny, tiny 15 days late with this one… bad Mummy! But it’s been a manic fortnight and in all honesty, blogging had to take a bit of a back seat for a while.

Anyway, Martha is doing so amazingly well and this month’s update is a really fun one!


Martha has had a really horrid cold, and actually on her 18 month ‘birthday’ I was off work spending the entire day with her cuddled up asleep on me with a raging temperature. That’s meant some unsettled nights, with poor Pops struggling to breathe properly, or coughing herself awake.


She’s also gone through a phase of struggling to go into her cot, instead screaming the place down. This has meant some really lengthy bedtimes, but worse were the nights where Martha was waking up screaming at all times from 9pm onwards. One night, I was up with her from half 9 until gone midnight, then again at 1, and then at 4am for the day. Not fun!


At 17 months and 4 days, I finished breastfeeding Martha. It all ended quite naturally and easily – you can read more about that in my post about the end of the breastfeeding journey. I think that this has impacted on her sleep, with the screaming and refusing to be put down a mix of general 18 month old fun and games, and a need to ‘connect’ with me in a different way.

Food-wise, Martha is as much a gannet as ever! She adores eggs and toast, which form her favourite breakfast, and she’s having 2 bottles of milk a day which are anywhere from 3-9oz.



I mentioned the horrendous cold, and that’s dominated a lot of late October unfortunately.

Martha’s still not had any more teeth through, so while her top ones are all as they should be, her bottom lateral incisors and canines (which should have been through months ago) are still nowhere to be seen!

I weighed Pops on her 18 months, and she was 9.6kg, so a tiny gain on last month. She’s so active and eats so much, that her slow weight gain definitely isn’t an issue.


Racing around like a loon, chatting constantly, new words every day – Martha is a force to be reckoned with and is nobody’s fool!

She’s learning so much, and her speech is beautiful. Although she doesn’t string many words together yet, she is saying loads of words now, with new ones including:

  • Caterpillar
  • Butterfly – can you guess what her favourite book is?!
  • Butter
  • Run
  • That way
  • Trousers
  • Socks
  • Wee-wee
  • Poo
  • Nappy
  • Martha
  • Water

And loads more!

Martha’s favourite song is ‘Baa Baa’, and she sings this, ‘Wheels on the Bus’, and the alphabet song, all the time! She also does a ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’ dance to everything.

This girl does have a temper on her though! We’ve unfortunately had hitting, biting, and epic back-arched screaming tantrums – so they’re, erm, fun…


Things We Love

  • Winter walks
  • Swimming
  • Breakfast out most weekends
  • The kids playing together
  • Reading books
  • Singing

Mummy News

I’ve not had the best time – my mental health has been quite low and I think the combination of stopping breastfeeding, extreme sleep deprivation, work stress, and having two feisty toddlers, just culminated in a rather scary panic attack the night Martha was up from 9pm.

I’m getting there, although I need to make some positive changes in my life; these include sorting my work/life balance out better, losing the weight I’ve piled on, and generally looking after myself better.

Oh, Phil and I also ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon! It was my first ever half, and we finished in 2 hours 27 minutes, which was incredible!



How was your past month? What were the key milestones for your little one at 18 months? Let me know in the comments below, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.