And in the blink of an eye 17 months have flown by, baby days are behind us, and Martha is a vibrant, gutsy, loving, stroppy, fabulous toddler.


*Whispers* It’s going really well. *Hides*

Martha goes down between 7-7:30pm, sometimes whinges a bit overnight but generally self settles, and is up between 6:30-7:30am. Some mornings she will want a quick feed at 5am ish, but we’re mostly finished with those now.

She generally naps for about an hour mid to late morning, and may sometimes have a second snooze in the afternoon if the morning one was short. This is the same at home and at nursery.


Still breastfeeding, although less so now. Generally Pops feeds as soon as she gets up, and when I get home from work. On the weekend she does ask for booby during the day, but it is definitely slowing down and is often only when she’s tired or has hurt herself.

As always, food is a huge part of Martha’s life and she regularly has seconds of every meal! She loves egg and toast, pasta, wraps, chicken (and fake chicken), sausages (and fake sausages!), grapes, all fruit really, and vegetables.


We’ve not got any more teeth as of yet, but I think one or two may be on their way given the dribble, grumpiness, and (annoyingly) biting.

I weighed Martha this morning and she’s 9.5kg, which puts her around the 25th centile still. It’s funny because as a baby she was such a scrummy little blob of rolls and was up in the 90s on the charts!


Martha runs faster than her legs can carry her and is desperately trying to jump, which is hilarious! She tries so hard to keep up with Toby and loves running around with him, climbing, playing peek-a-boo, and generally causing mischief.

Her speech is coming along beautifully and she’s started putting simple sentences together such as “Bye bye Daddy”, and even “Bang ma head”. She comes out with new words every day, can name all the main body parts, and knows the words for different foods too.

Things We Love

  • Going to Belton House a lot
  • Playing chase/running away
  • Going to nursery
  • Sleeping (finally!)
  • Toby – he’s her favourite person!
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep

Mummy News

I’m doing so much better now that I’m getting more sleep and taking my vitamins. I love my job, I’m enjoying my blog, Phil and I have had some lovely date days and nights, and our half marathon is exactly one week away! We did a mammoth 16km/10 mile run on Friday and my knee struggled a bit but I’m hoping that with painkillers and some gentle, short runs this week, I’ll be okay.