You are the bows from which you children as living arrows are sent forth

Finding sticks at National Trust Belton House

Toby’s had loads of fun this week; playing at various playgrounds (in freezing temperatures!), trying out his new Mirco Scooter and squirting me in the bath! He’s been amazing this week and an absolute joy to be with.

Our baby girl is less baby-like every day! Martha’s a pro at pulling up to standing now and has even stood unaided for short periods. She’s eating everything she gets her hands on and is also rocking some gorgeous new clothes. ‘Brollie and Blizzards’ by The Bunting Tree is now available at Apples & Pips, while the super cute dungarees and bow are made by Oscarlola Clothing. Martha’s first teeth are very nearly through now so you may see a blurry tooth shot next week!

We also spent a fantastic day with our friend Leigh and her partner Martin, which was lovely in spite of the 4 hour journey home!

Living Arrows