You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Toby has had quite a mixed week. Some lovely, fun moments punctuated with quite bad tantrums but then he ended the week feeling very poorly. It’s horrid seeing our feisty boy so under the weather, but the small positive is that he does now get some comfort from Phil and I. He spent most of Saturday evening snuggled up to Phil and it was very sweet.

Earlier in the week the shot of Toby’s feet made me realise just how small he still is, while the photo of him showing off his new Lamb & Bear leggings is one of my new favourites.

Martha turned 10 months old on March 1st *sob* and has mostly been her usual cheery self, although teething and a rotten cold has meant she’s been more clingy and tearful for a few days. In the third photo, you can see that Martha has also developed her ‘camera smile’, which I think is hilarious!

In spite of their (and my!) various illnesses, it’s been an okay week overall and we had quite a nice family day out on Saturday in Nottingham.

How was your first week of March?