You may have seen a picture a couple of weeks ago on my social media in which Toby and I were shushing each other, saying we had an exciting secret. Remember it? The exciting secret was that we had been invited by award-winning toy manufacturers Little Tikes to help them launch their new Sports Edition 4-in-1 Trike with non other than Olympic gold medalist (and fellow redhead) Greg Rutherford and his family! Who wouldn’t want to become Little Trikers with Greg Rutherford?!

Now, being the mummy of a redheaded son, Greg is on my list with Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran and Newton Faulkner of people I want to thank for making ginger men cool, so big tick there! Once that was done, we had a chance to check out the fab trikes and go for a lovely walk around Willen Lake in Milton Keynes. Thankfully the weather was good and we had a great time, in spite of Toby having missed a nap and being a little on the delicate side as a result. I can say with 100% honesty that Greg, his partner Susie and their gorgeous son Milo are absolutely fantastic, we chatted loads and they’re really lovely people. When Toby was grizzling about me leaving for a second to nip to the car, Greg stood in to babysit and as you’ll see in the video below, Toby and Milo seemed to get on quite well.

The photo of Toby and I with Greg, Susie and Milo absolutely cracks me up because Toby was exhausted by that point, so smiling was definitely off the cards! Other than that, I think it’s a nice picture! In spite of his occasional crying throughout the walk, Toby actually seemed really happy in the trike, which is good because lately pushchairs have been a major issue. I think Toby just loves the freedom to look around that a trike offers.

Little Tikes recently commissioned a survey of 2,000 UK families which revealed that the average mum and dad experience one pang of guilt a day (just one?!) and parents are feeling most guilty about a lack of quality time spent with their children due to being too busy or too tired. I think we can all relate to that, so Little Tikes and Greg Rutherford are encouraging parents to hit the great outdoors as ‘Little Trikers’. I know that since I started freelancing I’ve felt guilty about hoping Toby’s nap will last 10 more minutes so I can finish an article, or for checking my phone instead of playing with him. I’m really trying to change that now and I think Toby and I are both much happier because of it. We love getting outside for walks and seeing new places as a family, so this is the perfect project for us.

The Sports Edition 4-in-1 Trike is a superb bit of kit, with a really clever parent steering mode whereby you control the direction using the handlebar, making it very easy to get around. The harness is really secure and there’s a foot rest for younger children who can’t pedal, which is then folded up as the child grows and can learn how to pedal then eventually steer for themselves.

Enough of my chatter for a minute though, check out the fab video from Little Tikes featuring Greg, Susie and Milo as well as Toby and myself and the other lovely bloggers who came along for the day –Emma, Jim, Lauren, Danielle and Ruth.

Here are some fab pictures of the day, the unmarked ones are used with kind permission from Little Tikes/Azaria PR and the rest are my own:

Finally, here are some snaps of Toby enjoying his Sports Edition 4-in-1 Trike out and about around our local area:

Suitable from 9 months, the 4 modes of use are:

Guided (9+ Months)

Parents control steering, child is strapped in and has their feet on the foot rest so cannot control the trike but enjoys a greater sense of freedom than they get from a pushchair.

Learning (12+ Months)

The foot rest folds up so the child can start to learn how to pedal, but parent remains in control of steering and child is still strapped in.

Developing (18+ Months)

The waist bar is removed, allowing the child to start learning how to steer, but parent also has the steering bar to help avoid any accidents.

Independent (30+ Months)

The parent steering bar is removed and the child has full control of the trike, taking their adventurous spirit wherever it may lead!

We still have the foot rest down because Toby is quite a dinky boy and can’t reach the pedals yet. He absolutely loves being in his trike and we have been out loads, including off-road as you can see in our photographs. Fancy making your little one a Little Triker too? To join in the fun and be in with the chance to win one of 50 4-in-1 Sports Trikes and £1,000 worth of toys visit the Little Tikes website.

How do you make sure that you spend time as a family? Where would you go with you Little Triker? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

*This is a collaborative post with Little Tikes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*