I love being able to have the odd luxury in life, but when it comes to everyday essentials I really resent spending more than necessary. I figure that spending wisely on the day-to-day stuff leaves more money behind for treats (read: spa days) and Lidl is somewhere I frequently visit for good quality, affordable products. They recently sent Martha a box full of goodies from their baby range for her to try.

My first impression was how varied the range was; from purée pouches to finger food snacks, sleepsuits and vests to nappies, wipes and even swimming nappies. It shows that you really can get all of your baby essentials at Lidl now. But the big question is whether they’re good enough to make the swap, if you normally buy more expensive brands.

In a word? Yes!

Toujours Nappies and Wipes

Lidl sent us their pull-up nappies and with Toby and Martha both being the same size, it was great to try them on both a wriggly baby on a permanent escape mission and a rampaging toddler for whom nappy changes are a huge inconvenience between running around like a loon and pulling every toy he owns out of their rightful homes. The size 4 nappies were slightly larger than the ones we’ve been using from Boots, but still seemed to fit the children well and we didn’t have any leaks. I didn’t get on with pull-ups when Toby was a bit younger but I actually found them really convenient.

No nappy rashes – and Martha had been suffering with one so it was a good test, no leaks during the day or night and both Toby and Martha seemed comfortable. The wipes are very gentle, not causing any irritation to the children’s sensitive skin but getting the job done!

We’re yet to try the swimming nappies thanks to illness putting paid to our plans but I’ll update you once we have tried them.

Cien Aqueous Cream Moisturiser

This fragrance-free cream was, in honesty, my least favourite product that we tried. It’s mineral oil based and felt like it coated my skin as opposed to soaking into it and nourishing it. I’m used to using coconut oil though, so the texture is really very different. The manufacturer website does say that their products are all made in the UK and that absolutely none of the ingredients have been tested on animals, so that’s a big tick in my eyes.

Baby Clothes

Martha was also sent a sleepsuit, two vests and a top. They’re in European sizing so I used this chart to figure it out and they’re 6-12 months. She’s in 9-12 clothes generally so these all fitted her well and there’s some growing room to get her through the next couple of months. The vests are cross-over poppers, a design I’ve long been a fan of, and all of the clothes feel soft and have washed really well.

IMG_0688 IMG_0694 IMG_3873

Cien Baby Head-to-Toe Washing Gel

Having a son with quite bad eczema means we have to be careful about what we put on Toby’s skin. The Cien baby bath wash is a vegan, wheat-based, paraben free formula that’s really gentle on all skin types. I’ve used it on both kids and myself and it really is a nice wash which cleans and moisturises without either coating or irritating the skin. It also contains chamomile for an extra soothing touch.

I’m always really wary about changing the products that we use on him, sometimes it’s resulted in horrendous flare-ups, but there haven’t been any problems at all since we’ve been using Cien.

IMG_4025 IMG_4014

Lidl’Uns Baby Purées and Snacks

We predominantly give Martha finger foods and smaller portions of our own meals, so the rice cakes were a great addition to our snack cupboard that both of the children enjoy munching on. Martha resolutely refuses to eat from a spoon so I’ve never bothered with purée, but the pouches proved a big hit when I let her hold them herself and suck the contents into her mouth! Obviously I supervised her the whole time, but the extra fruit really helped when she was constipated last week – especially a prune, butternut squash, carrots and apples one. The pouches are all 100% fruit and vegetables so you know you’re not putting nasty additives into your baby’s little belly. Toby enjoys them too!

IMG_3865 IMG_3868

Lidl Vegetables

In our parcel we also had some packs of vegetables that are packaged to be appealing to kids. Our two actually love broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and most other things so we’ve so far never had an issue, but I think it’s nice to have ‘Broccoli Trees’ and ‘Cauliflower Clouds’ to help encourage healthy eating. None of us had ever tried romanesco before but are now definite converts, whilst the snack cucumbers were so handy to pop in a snack box for days out.


Alongside the Lidl products were well-known brands such as Dentinox, Infacol and Annabel Karmel, so if you do have some brands that you love then there’s a good chance you’ll find them at Lidl, too.

We were impressed by the variety and quality of the Lidl baby range and will definitely be heading there to stock back up on the day-to-day essentials.

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