A few months ago, we were invited to go along to In The Night Garden Live at Birmingham’s Cannon Hill Park. As the date drew closer, unfortunately we weren’t able to make it, so Lucy over at Real Mum Reviews went along with her girls and gave her thoughts on the show.

Everyone who became a parent within the last decade will undoubtedly be well-acquainted with Iggle Piggle et al, thanks to a show that has led to Sir Derek Jacobi being known for little other than the phrase “Isn’t that a pip?” for an entire generation of people. Since 2013, In The Night Garden Live has been touring each summer, with performances across the country inside a custom-made inflatable showdome.

Images courtesy of Real Mum Reviews

Lucy told me what her and her daughters thought of it:

The facilities were great – buggy park so you leave them outside the main room, toilets were clean and included little seats for toddlers and steps for sink! Good baby changing facilities.


The show itself was a bit trippy after 2 hours sleep for me, but girls loved it! Actors use smaller puppets and at first we thought the whole show was like this and were a bit disappointed – however this is in conjunction with larger characters which everyone loved.


Lights and moving images on the ceiling of the show dome made it almost feel 4D and Neve at 10 months old, was mesmerised. There were also bubbles from Makka Pakkas sponge! The showdome is intimate so no matter where you sit you get a good view, and the performance is an hour – perfect as Neve fell asleep toward the end.


There is the chance to meet the characters afterwards and have photo taken if you wish (for a fee).

Lucy said that they had a great time, and I’d love to try and get there next year with Toby and Martha!

The only remaining shows for 2017 are in Manchester, and you can find full details on the In The Night Garden Live website.

**We were provided with a family ticket to the show free of charge, which I passed to Lucy.**