Those of you who follow my blog will know that I’m a year into exclusively breastfeeding Martha. A year and 6 days as I type! Toby was breastfed for 4 months, during which time he also took bottles, before being exclusively bottle fed from 4 months onwards. My two journeys couldn’t be more different from one another and that’s why I immediately said yes when Medela asked me to host a Big Breastfeeding Cafe on May 16th.

There will be information and samples from Medela, but most importantly my aim is to get breastfeeding mums and expectant mums who wish to breastfeed, together to chat and share experiences. There is no substitute for professional advice when it’s needed, but likewise I’m a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child, and having a support network is truly invaluable.


I’m very open and honest on my blog and the messages I receive help me to see that my honesty is helping others. Likewise, I think that this cafe is a great opportunity to have real-life chats about breastfeeding and help all mums – whatever their story – know that they are not alone and they’re doing a bloody good job. As it says on the Medela website:

The Big Breastfeeding Café was inspired by a survey, which found that a significant 76% of mums believed chatting with other mums at support groups helped to support their feeding journey. Medela is passionate about supporting all breastfeeding mums, whether they are exclusively breastfeeding, expressing or a combination of both. This year’s Big Breastfeeding Café will mark yet another stride in not only increasing the awareness of breastfeeding within society but also, the importance of essential mum to mum support.

If you’re local to the Grantham area then I would absolutely love it if you joined me at The Picture Cafe, on May 16th from 10-12. Your first drink is on me (mine’s inevitably a large mocha!) and it will be a relaxed environment with toys for the little ones. Toddlers are welcome, but the cafe will still be open to the public so please be mindful that we don’t have the whole place to ourselves.

You can let me know that you’re coming by clicking through to my Facebook event page – It’s open, so invite your friends and let’s make our Grantham Medela Big Breastfeeding Cafe a huge success!

If you’re not local, then check out the Medela website for information about how you can join in.