At 2 years old, Toby’s making the transition from highchair to dining chair and at 6 months old, Martha’s moving from arms to highchair. Martha isn’t too keen about her side of things but Toby has enjoyed using the Ickle Bubba Orb highchair for a variety of activities.

If you’ve never seen the Orb before, it’s a lovely looking thing which is suitable for babies from 6 months old. From the large variety of colour options, we chose a white frame with a yellow insert which looks nice in our country kitchen. The Orb isn’t a small and compact highchair, the egg shaped base that stands on the floor is quite big so does take up quite a bit of room beneath the table; Around a small table this could then make it tricky to have a chair next to it.

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The tray is one moulded piece of plastic with cup holder areas, so it’s easy to clean because you’re not having to dig around in joins of materials. Toby did however find it amusing to post food in between the yellow insert and the back of the chair, which was mildly annoying! I love that the Orb harness is a full 5-point one over the shoulders, around the waist and between the legs rather than a lap belt. Toby is a danger to himself if he can stand up in a highchair and I distinctly remember how tricky it is to stop a crawling baby from making their way deftly across the table whilst you try to prevent crockery, food and glasses from being launched like missiles on to the floor.

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Martha’s not too sure about being in the Orb at the moment, but even though Toby now eats from a booster seat on the dining chair, he is still happily going into the highchair when we do any cooking or painting activities.

Buy Diazepam Legally Online Grating cheese ready to mix with the egg Overall I do like the Ickle Bubba Orb highchair. It looks nice, is easy to clean and both Toby and Martha have seemed comfortable in there. I love that the seat unit easily reclines using a push release just underneath it. The joy of this feature is that if your baby asleep during a mealtime, you can simply tilt them back for extra comfort. It is quite large so wouldn’t necessarily be the best option for small dining areas, but it looks great in our kitchen diner, which isn’t exactly enormous. The vast choice of colours to go with either a black or white frame means that you can pick on to suit your kitchen or dining room and it looks really stylish. At £109, it’s not the cheapest option available but is competitive with other top highchairs on the market.

Buy Cheap Valium From India The Orb+ is also available, which comes with a newborn insert so that your baby can be at the table for family meals from day one. I think that this is a brilliant feature and would really help that transition into a highchair much smoother come weaning age.' AND 9005=9005 AND 'IkIJ'='IkIJ