At the beginning of 2017 I had no clue what was to come in the year that followed. We can never truly predict the seemingly random path that life can take, and last year took a lot of unexpected turns.

This year I don’t have goals as such, but I do have hopes. I will do what I can to make these happen, but without the pressure of setting myself up to fail when – inevitably – sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

For Toby to settle well into school

This has to be the biggest one. First, our hope is for him to get into our first choice school, but above all else we just want our gorgeous, clever, delicate, funny, imaginative boy to thrive.

To make Apples & Pips grow

A big focus for January is to plan the year’s strategy for my shop. I don’t have a wad of spare cash or investment, so I need to be clever about it. Success for me isn’t purely about profit; I will measure the success of my business by the satisfaction of my customers, the amount I can donate to charity, and what I can do to support other parents.

To have more date nights with Phil

Martha’s arrival – and 17 months of boob dependency – meant that Phil and I haven’t really been able to go out for regular dates. Now that babysitters are a viable option, I hope that we get to go out more.


To run 3 half marathons

This one might be a push, given that I’ve not run a single step since October, but I want to get some new running shoes and push myself further this year.

I adored running the Royal Parks Half Marathon last year and would really like to pick some more to do.

Have a fun family holiday in Europe

With Toby starting school in September, family holidays will be much harder to come by thanks to the extortionate cost of going away in the school breaks.

In the spring, it would be amazing to do a family holiday if we can manage it; Disneyland Paris is very high on the wish list!

Write a magazine article

I don’t know what my chances are, but I’m going to go for it! Along the same lines, I would really like to be featured as Apples & Pips.


Digital detox

The irony that I’m sat on the sofa writing this on my phone at 9:30 on a Friday night does not escape me. I really hope to be able to stick to a digital detox in the evenings.

To be a better person

I’ve so often felt awful about myself; as a wife, mother, friend. I can’t keep doing that, I need to be the best version of myself and to change the mindset that leads me to feel overwhelmed, useless, or frustrated.

18 for 2018

I wrote this post, having forgotten briefly that my lovely friend Leslie from Messy Blog, had tagged me to write 18 things I want from 2018. So on top of my 8 hopes above, here are 10 things I’d like to do this year:

  1. Learn how to use my photography lighting kit
  2. Take better photos!
  3. Do more vlogs
  4. Take the kids to the zoo
  5. Cut out dairy
  6. Cook more (and better!)
  7. Learn a new skill
  8. Read more books – I miss reading!
  9. Go to a Spurs match (doubtful as I’m not a member, but you never know!)
  10. Go to Germany to visit my brother

So those are my hopes for 2018! What are yours? Let me know below, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.