There might come a time when one of your most cherished relatives or friends asks you to help them with the wedding. They might look at you with a sense of pure overwhelmed worry when the reality of their engagement starts settling in. Just how on earth are you supposed to plan these things? Well, luckily, no matter how incredibly herculean this task seems, it can be achieved well if you have the necessary time. Let’s say you wanted to build a wall in your back garden. You wouldn’t simply pick up all the materials from the back of the truck, and then on the day you needed the wall built, throw them down in one perfectly organised scoop. You would lay each brick, one by one, and ensure the spacing is spot-on as you apply the mortar.

It might not be you can help your friend throughout the entire process, and telling them such might be your best option. But you might be able to help very well in your own way, using your talents and expertise. You can likely do more than you think. Consider:

The Written Word

It might be that you’re not entirely sure as to how you could contribute here. You have no organisational skills, you aren’t sure of the scheduling yet, and you feel a little out of your depth. Then you remember that you have a skill for the written word! Why not consider writing the invitations, the itinerary, and helping the bride tailor her wedding speech? Perhaps you could be the person who ensures the best man speech isn’t too hot to trot. Perhaps you could write a few beautiful words about the couple they can cherish? A wedding poem might be treasured. The written word has many practical uses, and you never know just how much warmth you could provide to the event by contributing this here.

Decorative Tastes

It might be that you have a good eye for colour schemes, for design, and for a less-is-more approach to the things you could book. Perhaps you know flowers and wish to help craft the centrepieces. Perhaps your decorative tastes err more on the ‘taste’ side of things, and you wish to sample the potential meal plan beforehand or recommend a caterer. It all can help quite profoundly.


Perhaps you have a great ear for music, not just music you appreciate but what might be appropriate for a large family and the personalities of the bride and groom? Using services like the Alive Network you will be able to contact and appreciate the vast array of options available, and whittle them down to a few most suitable options. You never know just how much those involved could appreciate your input, especially if they have been struggling with this for some time.

With these tips, you’re sure to help plan a wedding, in your own way, but with a deeply positive impact. You just have to believe you can!

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