Today (and yesterday – I’ll explain in a bit!) marks two wonderful years of being Mrs Clarke. I’m writing this as we drive to London to celebrate with a meal and a trip to the theatre. Don’t worry, Phil’s driving! I’ve never really written about our wedding so here goes.

After a pretty short engagement that was just shy of 9 months, on the 20th September 2013 I woke up at my mum and dad’s house for my last morning as a ‘Miss’. This is where the two days part comes in, because Phil and I had chosen to get married on September 21st and wanted a farm wedding, which we did however the venue wasn’t licensed for marriage so we needed to do the legal part separately.
On the Friday we had invited only our parents, grandparents, my brother and the bridesmaids and best man to see us say our official vows at our beautiful local registry office. We’d decided to dress up but we wouldn’t be wearing our proper wedding attire and we weren’t having the bridesmaids and best man on that day, they were just guests. My dad walked me down the garden path because we were blessed with glorious sunshine and the ceremony was held outside with a lovely summerhouse being the legal venue for our marriage.
It was so special and actually much more emotional than we had expected. Because we had the ‘big’ wedding planned for the following day we were thinking we’d just turn up, say our vows, sign the register and that would be it but the sun was shining, birds were singing throughout the service and the registrar was lovely. My parents and Phil had also surprised me with a vintage Bentley to take me to the registry office so from the very beginning it was a gorgeous day.
We had an hour to burn before our meal at a local restaurant so dressed in our finery, the 14 of us walked through town and into Costa Coffee!
After our meal we packed up a crazy amount of stuff for the wedding and drove in convoy to Ashbourne, where we would stay for the weekend.
We had hired a stunning place, a farm with holiday cottages, a games room and loads of land called Standlow Farm. We were very happy to see the marquee already up and as our other guests arrived we kicked back and had a relaxed evening.
The following morning was a wonderful buzz of activity as we set up the marquee and prepared for the late afternoon ceremony. We laid out the buffet tables and seating, prepared the floral arch, placed the jam jar candles I’d made around the place and made sure everything was set. My hairdresser arrived so mum, my two bridesmaids and I scurried to our cottage to get ready, with a glass of bubbly each of course!
My dad came to collect me and he welled up when he saw me in my dress, which started me off! We walked down to the marquee and our 40 guests all watched as I walked to Phil, failing to hold back tears of happiness! One of my best friends, Mel, played guitar and sang mine and Phil’s song as I walked down the aisle. It’s ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow and we have the line “I can only think it must be love” inscribed into our rings. Our friend Dom conducted the ceremony which we had written ourselves and before Phil and I read the vows we had written to one another, another friend Cath read the poem ‘Love Me When I’m Old and Shocking’, which I changed slightly to suit us and gave everyone a giggle!
We finished the ceremony and had the obligatory speeches from my brother, Phil, my dad and the best man Andy before the hog roast was ready and we ate our way through that and the buffet of cheese, salads and cake we’d set up.
We’d done our own playlist on the Ipad which was played through a bluetooth speaker in between two sets by an absolutely brilliant band who played everything from 50s rock and roll to the hits of the day like Blurred Lines. Phil and I had our first dance to Nat King Cole’s L.O.V.E and I was very emotional dancing with my nan who as you may know, has Alzheimer’s and nearly wasn’t at the wedding at all.
The party was so much fun, we’d asked everyone to bring a bottle of something and we set up a bar in the marquee so the food and drink was going all night and we were exhausted by the time we shut down for bed!
The next day a lot of bleary-eyed people staggered from their cottages. We had bought bacon and sausages for everyone which we were cooking in batches for breakfast rolls and they went down well.
We were spoilt rotten by our amazing friends and family and in spite of wasps invading the marquee, me crying most of my make-up off and our wedding video being completely blurry, I genuinely wouldn’t have changed anything about the whole weekend, it was utterly perfect.

We had a relaxing week in Fuerteventura at a spa hotel then almost immediately afterwards we fell pregnant with Toby so to say that our two years of marriage have been a whirlwind is an understatement! We never lose sight of how incredibly blessed we are to have found one another and to have had a healthy baby.
Phil and I work our bums off but we reap the rewards with trips and lovely days out and a country life we adore. Our marriage is so full of love and I can’t wait for every single day of my life with Phil and our family.
Happy second anniversary hubby, I love you xxxXxxx
What was your wedding like? Were there any funny moments? Let me know in the comments below of get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.