We all know that standard disposable nappies end up in landfill, hanging around like an unwanted smell (exactly like that in fact!) for centuries. We also know that cloth nappies need washing and that puts a lot of parents off of using them. Fancy the perfect combination? Well gNappies are redefining the disposable nappy and I think that if you’re stuck between the choice of landfill versus extra laundry then you need to keep reading!

The first nappies that Toby wore were standard, store bought disposables because at 7lb 9oz he was too diddy for the cloths that I had bought, which were all birth to potty (one nappy, with poppers to change the size as your baby grows – they generally fit 8lb+)

As a first time mum and keen to try cloth nappies but fairly unfamiliar with them, I was hesitant to buy sized nappies because I couldn’t see how they were cost effective long term, although now my view has changed a lot and Toby wears a combination of sized and birth to potty nappies. I was also concerned that alongside trying to breastfeed, being up most of the night, the extra laundry from all those teeny tiny baby clothes and just the incredible changes that come with having a baby, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with washing a huge stash of cloth nappies.

gNappies provide the perfect way to combine the convenience of disposables with the environmentally friendliness and cuteness of cloth. Using sized gPants, which range from newborn to potty training sizes based on your child’s weight, you can simply pop a disposable insert into the pocket that is poppered into the gPant (or stitched in the newborn ones), put it on your baby and not think about it until they need changing.

The best bits? Well there are several so here’s a run down:

  • The disposable inserts are plastic-free and 100% biodegradable. They can be thrown in the bin or wet ones can be composted and in 50-150 days they are gone. That’s a win for the environment!
  • You don’t have to change the whole nappy each time, simply replace the insert in the same pants and pocket, or you can popper a new pocket in if the previous one becomes dirty. Toby can easily last half to a full day in one gPant with a few insert changes, so your laundry pile isn’t growing too much at all.
  • They fasten at the back, so cheeky toddlers can’t easily undo them!
  • You have the option of washable inserts if you want to use them.
  • The sizes overlap, so you’ll always be able to find the perfect fit for your little one. You can find out more about the available¬†over on the gNappies website.
  • As well as a gorgeous selection of colours, gNappies release limited edition prints too. We have a Christmas print from 2014 and a Prince one, which alongside a Princess nappy, was designed to celebrate Princess Charlotte’s arrival in 2015.

Still unsure? I’ve filmed a little video to tell you all about gNappies, how easy they are to use and why I believe that they truly are redefining the disposable nappy, so check it out and let me know what you think:

Will you be trying out gNappies? Do you use them already and love them as much as we do? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.