Last week I went to London (again, I need a second home there!) and attended a fantastic event – Get Comfortable with Canesten – all around how us ladies need to #GetCom about our bodies. It was an inspiring and brilliant day, with some fantastic talks, activities and information about Canesten’s new line of really great feminine products which help us feel more confident about ourselves through the knowledge that what we’re using is good for our bodies.

I know what you’re thinking “Canesten? They do the thrush cream, don’t they?” Yes, yes they do and if you’ve ever had the need to use said product then I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a reputable brand and you’d use it again in a heartbeat rather than suffer the misery of thrush. Therefore, when I saw the new Canesten feminine hygiene products, I instantly felt that I would trust them to look after my intimate areas and keep me fresh and healthy!

Now, don’t worry, we weren’t all stripping down and flouncing around naked to show how clean as a whistle we are, the event was about celebrating women and why we should be confident about every part of ourselves, inside and out. It was really empowering and I think every woman needs a day like this sometimes.

I arrived at the most incredible hotel studio, which was larger than my entire house and full of really awesome features such as those fab director/stage tripod lamps, animals made out of rugs and glass walls that I managed to go the entire day without walking into *Winning*. The PR Lara introduced me to everyone and then pointed out the banquet table full of red sweets. I love red sweets. I was on a detox week. A detox week that required willpower not to eat sweets of any colour. It was tough!


I was invited up to the mezzanine area of the hotel room, which is where the bedroom and bathroom are, but set up in the open space was a chair, a table full of gorgeous aromatherapy scents and a lovely lady called Kelly who sat me down and gave me a really relaxing and soothing back, neck, shoulder and arm massage. I didn’t realise how much I needed one after a year of carrying Toby and not treating myself to a massage. Kelly told me off for not looking after myself but I think us mums are buggers for not doing so!

More bloggers arrived, mostly fashion and beauty bloggers who I didn’t know, but there was a familiar face there in Emma, who I had a chat with over lunch and everyone seemed really nice.

After my massage I was taken to have a photo shoot, which was all about how we should relax and be more confident in ourselves so I just chatted away to the photographer as she snapped away and I actually really enjoyed it. I’ve never had a solo shoot before, so it felt a little strange but I wanted to enjoy it and embrace the theme of the day. I’ll be showing you the resulting photographs once I get them so keep your eyes peeled!

I then joined some others doing a candle-making activity, which I’ve never tried before but really liked doing. It was pretty simple in that the ladies running it gave you a pot of melted wax, you chose a glas holder, stuck a wick in, waited for your wax to cool to around 65 degrees then added a few drops of your chosen fragrance, stirred, poured into your holder and set aside to solidify – simple! I made a jasmine scented candle but I don’t want to burn it yet!

I successfully managed to avoid the chips and burgers for lunch, enjoying roasted veg and salad instead, then I sat comfortably on the sofa and listened to a fab presentation from body language expert and former model Judi James. Judi spoke about the different ways in which our body language can give away that we’re lacking in confidence and what we can do to not only act more confident, but to feel it too. As a person who’s always been uncontrollably shy and easily embarrassed, the things she said really resonated with me so I’m not a mission now to open up my body language and give off a more confident aura.

The event was really good and I’m thankful to Lara and the team for inviting me along. The goody bag was genuinely one of the best I have ever received, with well thought-out products that are all really lovely and useful. I can also honestly say that the sweet treats remain untouched in my cupboard until I feel ready to have one or two without gorging on them! My detox may be over but I’m still aiming for a much cleaner eating lifestyle!

I sat at St Pancras waiting for Phil to arrive that night and read about half of the Calm book from the goody bag. It’s utterly amazing and I have also downloaded the app. I’ve had some emotional struggles, especially since becoming a mum, so I am going to really embrace the notion of looking after myself and my mind better with small periods of meditation instead of jumping straight on to my phone or computer when Toby’s napping and also focusing on the good in every day, no matter how little of it there appears to be – there’s always something good.

The Canesten products are really good, very delicate and gentle, they work well and don’t cause any irritation. I would really recommend having them, they’re good products from a reliable brand and I will continue to buy them and use them to make sure I #GetComfortable every day!

Do you use the new Canesten products to maintain your feminine hygiene? What do you do to feel confident? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.