My friend Leslie over at Messy Blog UK runs a lovely weekly Friday Phone Dump linky. If you’ve not heard of it, the Friday Phone Dump does what it says on the tin really and gives you the chance to showcase your phone pictures, which are probably far from technically¬†perfect, but are snapshots of everyday life. It’s a lovely idea so please join in!

I am now 33 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing a lot of wriggles, bruised feeling on my bump and even more tiredness. On the plus side, Toby’s been a superstar overall and has even slept through a couple of times.

Friday Phone Dump - 04.03.16 // My Week In Phone Pictures

  1. Turning 33 weeks pregnant.
  2. Rocking out in true embarrassing mummy style to Van Halen on the radio!
  3. Toby had a fight with the cat. The cat won.
  4. Apparently I did something that he didn’t like. I believe I offered him the choice of toast or cereal. Bad mummy.
  5. I love my MOTHER tee and wear it with pride over my bump.
  6. Phil and I had a mini roast on Thursday night, slow cooked pulled pork with veg, yorkies and gravy – Nom!
  7. Sleepy snuggles with my beautiful boy.
  8. Phil and I worked from home on Friday he looked after me, running me a lovely soothing bath complete with candles and a decaf cappuccino.

If you want to link up with this lovely project then click on the badge below to take you to Leslie’s blog. I love joining in and having a snapshot of our week to look back on. You can find more of my phone snaps being uploaded daily over on my Instagram page.

How has your week been? Any special moments to share? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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