I feel like every week lately is an excuse for not doing enough towards my #Miles4MAMA target. I know, I’m pregnant and people are telling me to cut myself some slack but when I was pregnant with Toby I walked for at least 2-3 miles a day in my job. This time, I’m really struggling to do so.

This time, I’m constantly exhausted and have been getting some horrific headaches. Toby’s been having some really bad sleepless nights which obviously in turn mean Phil and I have been too and when he then gets up for the day between 5 and 6am then has temper tantrums it can be hard to shower and dress some days!

My sickness has kicked in again this week which is very annoying and coincides with Toby head-butting and nearly breaking my nose, hence the headaches being even worse! The sickness has meant continued food aversions so once again healthy eating has been tricky sometimes because fruit, scrambled eggs, yoghurt and several other things make me heave so I’m ending up filling up on bread and cereals.

Anyway, this is meant to be a fitness update not a pregnancy one! I’ve simply not had the energy to run in the mornings and even if I did, Toby’s up and about. I’d love a good running buggy but they’re pretty pricey and whilst I think they’re worth it, we need to be thinking more about getting ready for Thimble’s arrival next springtime because we’ll need a bedside crib amongst other things that haven’t survived Toby’s babyhood which are more essential.

I’ve been on a couple of walks this week as well as wandering around The Baby Show for hours yesterday and I’ve done about 6 miles on my tracked walks, so I’m still 4 miles shy of my target plus the entire 10 I lost last week. I’m really rather hoping that at some point the whole pregnancy glow thing will kick in and I’m now in my second trimester which was a fantastic couple of months last time so we’ll see! A few good walks a week plus a run would have me in a perfect position so that’s the goal but not at the sacrifice of my health or my ability to safely care for Toby. The headaches have been making me dizzy so I don’t want to make that worse.

Sorry for another non-post of a post, I seriously hope that the next one is better so do stick with me!

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