We love our outdoorsy lifestyle, so anything that can add even more fun into our adventures is a hit. The countryside is our happy place; that freedom, the fresh air and the open landscape is really important to us. Phil and I moved from our respective cities to achieve our country bumpkin dreams and we wouldn’t change it.

From bear hunts in the swishy grass, to digging at the allotment, from watching the baby lambs in the fields to searching for hidden treasure, our country lifestyle is all about freedom to explore and learn. Toby has developed a keen interest in gardening and archaeology (digging for plates “From years and years ago”!) while Martha is getting used to the feel of grass beneath her feet as she gains confidence in moving around.

No life is perfect. Goodness knows that at times I’ve felt fed up with having to drive to get anywhere, that sometimes I felt isolated when I had a screaming newborn and no car, sometimes I’ve craved having a decent cocktail bar nearby! But the pros massively outweigh the cons and we’ve surrounded ourselves with open fields, wild animals and so much beauty that it’s impossible to feel sad for long.

We’ve been exploring the countryside on our Micro Scooters lately and it’s amazing how just flying down the path gives you an incredible sense of freedom! Whether we’re scooting up and down our cul-de-sac or seeking a new perspective of one of the many parks around us, there’s nothing like feeling the air rushing by you and that funny ‘tummy tickle’ as Toby calls it, as the adrenaline courses through your body.

Phil even takes his Micro Scooter to work with him in Nottingham. He parks a mile or so away from his workplace and then scoots to the front door! Using the scooters to commute or do other relatively short journeys that you’d generally use the car for is so great for you and the environment – just don’t forget your helmet.

Check out our little video montage and then let me know in the comments – or on Facebook or Twitter – about your scooting adventures, or where you’d take them if you had some Micro Scooters!

**We received our Micro Scooters free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All words, images and opinions are my own.**