Toby and Martha are only 21 months apart, so although they are at very different developmental stages there are some things that they are both figuring out. I’m a huge believer in learning through play and especially when it’s a case of the children playing together to develop their social skills alongside educational benefits. We were recently sent the brand new Fisher-Price Monsters range of toys and our little monsters have been using them to explore, learn and play.

Fun Feelings Monster – £14.99

The Fun Feelings monster has a roller face which has three different facial expressions on it. ‘Happy’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Surprised’ are on there and when the roller lands on a face there’s a sound effect to go with it. Toby could easily identify happy and sad, then copied the surprised one, while Martha loved batting the roller to make it spin!

Emotions and feelings are a difficult concept for youngsters because they’re quite abstract. Toby’s starting to get there with recognising how people are feeling but it’s not easy and I think it’s good to use play time to practice. Martha will hopefully start to link the smiling Monster face and associated laughing sound with when people are smiling and laughing to make that link.

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The Fun Feelings Monster also has textured hair and arms for an overall nice sensory experience for babies aged 6 months and up.

Hungry Monster Maze – £19.99

This is the firm favourite with both Toby and Martha – which has been causing cries of “Mummeeeeeee! Martha snatched it!” from Toby and chortles from Martha when she wrestles it back from her big brother. Sibling politics at their finest!

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The Hungry Monster Maze features 6 discs with numbers painted on to them which co-ordinate with the number of items painted on each one. We’re really trying to encourage Toby to recognise numbers as well as being able to count, so this is a fab resource. For Martha, we can start to show her the different colours and encourage her to name them once she starts talking.

The discs go into the monster’s head and roll down to its belly, which both the children find brilliant.

Press nGo Monster Vehicle – £12.99

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This funny little monster has textured hair like its Fun Feelings friend and speeds around the room when the top is pressed down. Cause and effect toys are a great way to encourage babies and young toddlers to explore, whilst the movement helps aid physical development. Martha is well and truly crawling now so the next step is for her to try walking after her Press n Go Monster Vehicle.

All three toys in the Fisher-Price Monsters range are suitable for babies aged 6 months and up, making them a great gift for first birthdays as well as ‘just because’. As you can see, even Toby who is rapidly approaching 3 is enjoying them and they still have some educational value for him, making them great value for money and ideal for siblings who are quite close in age.

What are your children’s favourite toys? Do you think they’d like these fun new toys?

**I was sent the Fisher-Price Monsters range free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All words and opinions are my own (and the children’s)**