Before we begin, I need to admit that I am not the art and craft sort. I’m terrible at it. So when I say that these are easy homemade Christmas decorations for toddlers I actually mean it. Perfect they are not, but I’m a firm believer in letting children lead activities so these are as Toby (with help as required) made them.

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Buy 1000 Diazepam Online By the time Toby and Martha have grown up, I want to have a box full of their homemade Christmas decorations and handprints, because the special festive memories are built around watching our babies develop and grow. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy making some simple Christmas decorations with your little ones.

Before you begin I recommend using some wipeable mats or covers over the surfaces you’re using. That is, of course, unless red, green and gold glitter in your carpet is the look you’re going for. Go out foraging for pine cones, eat loads of ice lollies and keep the sticks (or buy some sticks), grab some pipe cleaners, pom-poms, PVA glue, glitter and some google eyes and off you go!

Sensory Pine Cones

Buying Valium Online Uk Legal Christmas is such a sensory time so I wanted to combine the look, feel and smell of it with these pine cones. Toby drizzled glue around them, then sprinkled glitter and cinnamon powder over them and the end result is pretty and sparkly, with a gorgeous cinnamon aroma.

Pom-Pom Pine Cones These couldn’t be easier really, simple pop a dollop of glue on each pom-pom and stick them on your pine cone to make a jazzy tree decoration. The only supervision required was to make sure that the glue didn’t go everywhere.

Pipe Cleaner Decorations

Buy D10 Valium Online Toby chose the colours, I twisted the pipe cleaners together and he put the google eyes on the reindeer. The joy of pipe cleaners is how easy they are to bend and twist together or into different shapes. Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations For Toddlers - Pipe Cleaner Christmas TreeEasy Handmade Christmas Decorations For Toddlers. Pipe cleaner reindeer

Lollipop Stick Christmas Trees With thanks to One Little Project for the inspiration, these are so simple to make by gluing the sticks together, but the effect is fab and your toddler can use anything they fancy to decorate them.

Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations For Toddlers - Lollipop Stick Christmas Tree Lollipop stick Christmas trees Image from One Little Project.

Order Valium Online Uk I’m undoubtedly terrible at crafting and Toby is only 2 with an attention span of a goldfish, so these decorations are hardly worthy of any awards. However, what they are is personal to us and when I take them out of the decorations box each year, I’ll be reminded of having some fun time with Toby making them and it’s the memory that matters the most so just have fun with it! Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations For Toddlers **This post is written in collaboration with Satsuma’s Thrifty Christmas. All words, images and thoughts are my own**