When you’re out and about exploring the world and delighting in adventures with your kids, there will inevitably be a moment when one of two things happen: you realise that you are thirsty, or your kids inform you that they are thirsty.

By far the simplest solution to this issue is to prepare drink options at home and carry them with you during your days out – but this can be far easier said than done. However, there are a few ideas you can try that can make it possible, as you’ll soon discover if you read on…

Container concerns

If you don’t currently take beverage supplies with you when leaving the house, there’s probably a reason why – and for most parents, space issues are the biggest concern. If this is an issue you’ve experienced, look for smaller drinks bottles that can loop around your wrists. Alternatively, some camping water bottles are attached to a body strap, which could be worth considering if you’re short on bag space and want to keep your hands free.

If you’re already in the habit of taking drinks with you on adventures with your family, then you’re halfway there – but there is always the risk that you’ll run out at some point during the day. If this is your primary issue, then opting for reusable plastic bottles is usually the best bet; if you’re worried about the environmental impact of choosing a plastic product, then this article explains why plastic is still likely to be a better option than metal alternatives. With a reusable plastic bottle, you can prepare the first serving before leaving the house, then refill every time you encounter a drinking fountain or pass by a supermarket – the latter being a far better choice than buying drinks directly from an event or attraction’s on-site drinks providers, as you can avoid the expensive mark-up these venues usually charge.

Drink decisions

When you have your choice of container selected, you’ll need to choose your drinks.

For kids, it’s usually best to stick to plain water or squash, though be cautious of sugar content – too much sugar can increase thirst rather than alleviate it. For you, it’s worth giving coconut water a try thanks to its incredibly hydrating properties; in fact, many benefits have been attributed to coconut water, weight loss and extra electrolytes included, so it’s worth a try.

Alternatively, you can simply opt for plain water if you prefer, with a few pieces of fruit added for an extra nutritional boost.

Spillage solutions

So you’ve got your containers, you’ve chosen your beverage of choice, and now the final piece of the puzzle: addressing the inevitable spillage concerns.

Choosing the right container should help to avoid your drinks from spilling while in transit, but it’s still worth keeping a few sheets of kitchen roll in your bag, or under car seats, just in case. It’s also worth double-checking all lids and closures are tightly locked when packing, just to be sure.

If drinks are spilt while being drunk, then wet wipes might seem like the best solution, but can actually make a sticky situation even worse. Consider pocket tissues instead or, in a pinch, use a nappy – these products are designed to absorb liquids, and there’s absolutely no risk of sticky, uncomfortable residue being left on hands or clothes.

In conclusion

With the ideas above, you can look forward to a simple, effective way to ensure you and your kids keep hydrated when you’re out exploring the world – enjoy!

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