A couple of weeks ago I had an email asking me if I would like to review a new product from Cake Lingerie; CupCake Nursing Pads. Naturally, I read through the information and had a look at their website before deciding that yes, this was a product I thought would be brilliant for me to try out because not only am I breastfeeding, but I have been going through bras and tops like there’s no tomorrow with leakage and I’ve also suffered from nipple thrush which has made disposable pads incredibly uncomfortable to wear. This gave the CupCake pads a lot to cope with because they needed to stop leakage, be comfortable on my very delicate skin and cope with lots of washing because I obviously don’t want to be transferring the thrush back and forth constantly.

The Cake Lingerie Brand

I’ll admit to not having heard of Cake Lingerie before, so I headed over to their website and was pleased to see a really lovely-looking site with a great range of bras, sleepwear and underwear created by founder Tracey. Tracey wanted to cater for pregnant and nursing women who want to feel feminine but without losing functionality when choosing products which will be suitable for them. She saw a gap in the market for beautiful products which can take women through the transitions their bodies face during pregnancy and breastfeeding and thus Cake Lingerie was born. CupCake Nursing Pads are an extension of this ethos, with the intention of providing women with a pad which will be suitable use for day and night, coping with any amount of milk leak.

When my parcel arrived, I was immediately drawn to the lovely packaging and witty photo branding. As you can see in my main photo, the image used doesn’t seem to have any relevance to breastfeeding, until you look at how the objects are positioned! This is a theme throughout the Cake Lingerie website, using various food and other items in cleverly positioned ways. I do like a company with a sense of humour and this made me chuckle!

CupCake Nursing Pads

Once I’d had enough of a chuckle and got around to opening the box, inside I found a pair of pads and liners which felt soft and very light. The pads can be worn alone if you don’t have a heavy flow, but are pocketed to allow additional liners to be added to boost absorbency. Made from organic cotton and natural fibres, the pads are engineered to absorb moisture away from the body and into the leak-proof barrier to prevent any wet patches. The CupCake Pads are patent-pending and up to two additional liners can be added depending on your needs. They are obviously washable, I popped mine into a regular cotton wash and they came out as good as new!

My Thoughts

I’ve used my pads alone and with the liners and I have to say that they are so comfortable I panicked at one point thinking I’d forgotten to put them in! They mould perfectly to my shape and don’t show even through a thin bra, yet somehow they manage to cope with any leakage my milk supply chooses to throw at them. You can boost them with two liners, but I’ve found one perfectly sufficient. A big thing for me was how I’d feel with them in given I’m suffering from nipple thrush. I’d previously been using disposable pads and had recently stopped because they seemed to be trapping moisture next to my skin, which cause me a lot of pain no matter how frequently I changed them. These CupCake pads, however, draw all of the moisture totally away from my skin and I have been left totally dry even after an entire night’s use.

Special Offer

To celebrate the launch of this brilliant product, Cake Lingerie are giving away a set of CupCake Nursing Pads for free with every order placed through their website until September 19th 2014, whilst stocks last. I’m yet to try their other products, but based on the quality of the nursing pads, I think I’m only a couple of clicks away from placing an order! Just head on over to their very pretty website and have a browse of the beautiful product selection, I’d say there’s something for everyone on there.

Have you found a nursing product that has made breastfeeding an easier or more comfortable experience? I always read your comments and love hearing from you all.

*I was sent a CupCake Nursing Pad set for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and no payment was received*