BuggyBoard Maxi Plus Review

Two Kids, One Pushchair and a BuggyBoard Maxi Plus

When Martha was born, we decided to buy a double pushchair because Toby still so frequently needed to rest his legs and Martha wasn’t getting on too well with babywearing. Our side-by-side double is great, but with Martha too big for the carrycot and seeming too small for the forward facing seat, we were left struggling a bit. Along came the BuggyBoard Maxi Plus with a solution!

Our Beautiful Martha: 6 Months Old Today

I’m actually in shock that we’ve hit November 1st already. The beginning of each new month marks the turning of Martha’s age and at 6 months old she’s a complete and utter joy. Born 12 days late, our May Day baby was a happy little soul from the very start and half a year down the line that hasn’t changed. She’s ready with a smile for everyone, she wakes up chatting to herself and beams at me when I go to get her out of her bed. She’s finding her voice and boy can she make her feelings known if something isn’t right, but then I think that’s a good trait to have!