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How getting outdoors helps me to live with depression

How living the outdoors life helps me live with depression

Cheapest Uk Valium It’s well documented across my blog and social media that I live with depression and anxiety – it’s something I refuse to hide because not only does it need to be as socially acceptable as any other illness, but I know from many messages I’ve received that I have helped a lot of people. It helps me too, to write. Another huge part of my ‘therapy’ as someone living with depression, is being outdoors.

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A home pitch for our sporty girl! **This is a collaborative post** Martha is already showing great sporting prowess at only 2; she runs and jumps constantly, can balance well, scoots like a child at least double her age, and can dribble and kick a football like a (semi) pro! Phil and I love this about her, and are keen to give her any opportunities possible for her to progress in any sport she may want to pursue as she grows up.
Getting a better night's sleep with the Dreams Mumsnet Kindred Mattress

That time I developed a brand new Dreams mattress // Introducing Kindred and Spirit Sleep and I have had a tricky relationship for a number of years – I even wrote it a breakup letter back when I was awake ALL FREAKING NIGHT breastfeeding a 4-month-old Martha. So when I was invited to the Dreams factory by Mumsnet, to help develop two new mattresses tailored to parents, I had to get involved. I mean I may as well be comfortable when I’m laying in bed with a wriggly child or a brain that won’t shut down, right?

An unashamed plea for your support

A few seconds of your time could catapult my business – will you help me? As a mum-of-2 I have rather rapidly discovered the products that I do and don’t need in parenthood, the ones that are amazing and the ones that are useless. Thus, Apples & Pips was born. I hand-pick the best products from small and medium sized UK brands, as well as creating my own ranges of slogan products which are hand designed by my husband, however my shop goes so much further than simply selling nice products.

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“When women support each other, incredible things happen” // My Red Shoe Makeover Photo Shoot “When women support each other, incredible things happen” Sarah – the incredible photographer behind Red Shoe Makeovers – uses this quote when she shares the stunning photographs she takes of her Red Shoe Girls, and it has fast become one of my favourite quotes. A couple of weeks ago I headed up to Chester with a bag full of clothes and a belly full of nerves, to meet Sarah and make up artist Mandy and have my makeover photo shoot. This is what happens when women support each other…