I’m running the Royal Parks Half Marathon for MAMA Academy

In exactly 10 weeks’ time, Phil and I will be embarking on the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London – my first ever half marathon and Phil’s first organised run since the 2014 London Marathon. This is an amazing experience for us, but also a way to raise some vital funds for MAMA Academy.
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I Didn’t Think I Wanted a Daughter

When I was pregnant with Toby I just knew he was a boy. We’d picked a girl’s name just in case (Martha) but I *knew* I was carrying a boy even though we didn’t find out at the scan. I saw myself as a mummy to boys and I was really comfortable with that. With Martha, I didn’t have that sixth sense of our unborn baby’s gender and with my stress levels rising over what to do with Toby’s newborn clothes, we decided to find out. But I didn’t think I wanted a daughter.
Postpartum hair loss can make you feel worried and self conscious. Here's why it happens, what to expect and what to do about it.

Postpartum Hair Loss: What’s Normal?

Postpartum hair loss is one of the less dreamy sides of having a new baby – somewhere up with extreme sleep deprivation and poosplosions. If you don’t know that it’s a ‘thing’ it can be quite terrifying to suddenly pull what seem like clumps of hair out every time you run a brush through. So is it normal to lose hair after having a baby and is there ever a point at which you should worry about the hair loss?

Q&A With Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Expert Dr Joanna Helcke When I was pregnant – and when my SPD would allow it – I did some pregnancy pilates through an online course by pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert Dr Joanna Helcke. With the help of some fellow pregnant and new mamas, I’ve compiled some questions about pregnancy and postnatal fitness, which Dr Joanna has kindly answered.